5 Best Tools for College Students to Manage Their Assignments

5 Best Tools for College Students to Manage Their Assignments

Those students who are worried about managing PDF files must read this article as it is going to be very useful for them.


If you are the one who finds it hard to organize the files, share the documents or keep them safe, there is no need to worry about that. Online tools can be a quite handy choice for that. 

You can get a lot of advantages with the help of these tools and make working easier.

There is a list of online tools that can be useful for students and help them manage their files effectively. But some of these are much more important as they can help to save the files, share them easily or organize them in the folder.

Here we will talk about the most effective tools that students need to know. But before that, we will tell you the reason why these online tools can be helpful in this regard.

How Online Tools Can Help In Organizing the Documents?

Completing the tasks manually is always a difficult task. You need to select every single document separately and keep it in the required folder. It will take more time for the users. Also, they may face difficulty while sharing the documents.

Online tools on the other hand offer a lot of features to the users and make the working process easy. One can complete a bunch of tasks quickly with just one click.

 Also, there will be no need to install the tool on the device. Instead, you can complete all the tasks online.

Another advantage of using these tools is that one can access them on any platform regardless of the device and search engine.

Top Tools to Manage the Assignments

Students can need different tools for managing the assignments and keeping them in better way. But some tools are quite important and are needed in every situation.

Therefore, students must have access to these online tools as they can help deal with the assignments rapidly.

  1. Google Drive

Keeping the files safe is a big issue for many students. Sometimes, they don’t need an assignment at the moment but that particular document could be useful in the future.

 So, Google Drive can be a handy option at that moment that can help in keeping the files safe for a lifetime and also sharing them with others.

This is one of the safest online platforms that users can go for. The reason is that this tool can’t be accessed unless the file is shared by the real owner. 

Moreover, it also shows the history of the changing made by any account. So, you can keep an eye on the edit history.

The best benefit that this tool offers to the users is that they can store heavy documents on the device as this online tool offers this feature to its users for free.

5 Best Tools for College Students to Manage Their Assignments
  1. Merge PDF Tool

Merging the PDF files is the best way that can help you manage the files in a better way. Mostly we see that assignments are submitted in PDF format.

So, instead of sharing the files separately, users need to merge the files first. For it, they can get help from a PDF combiner and upload the documents there. This online tool will compile all the files quickly with a single click.

Users can upload multiple files at once in this online tool and combine them all instantly. Moreover, this online tool can be accessed anywhere on any device. There is no compatibility issue with this online tool.

One more advantage of using PDF merger is that users can edit the files before merging them and changing their sequence. So, the result will be in the required sequence as provided by the user.

5 Best Tools for College Students to Manage Their Assignments
  1. Online Notepad

Let’s say, you need to make an assignment quickly and submit it to your teacher. But the problem is that you don’t have any source to make the notes. 

So, an online notepad can be there for you to generate the notes. This tool offers a bunch of features by which students can increase the readability of the assignment and get better grades.

5 Best Tools for College Students to Manage Their Assignments

One can change the text style, font size, and color. Also, this tool allows you to add headings and subheadings to the content to make the proper structure.

Once done with generating the notes users can lock the document and keep them for later use. So, this is another way to manage the files in this online tool and make them accessible for later.

  1. PDF Splitter

Often it happens that you have to send a particular part of the file to the teachers or any other colleague. So, you have to remove the other sections from the document.

To split the file sections, users can get help from an online PDF splitter that let you separate the required pages from a particular document and keep them in a separate folder.

Users just need to upload the files in the tool and select the pages that they want to separate from the file. After selecting the pages, they just have to click on the split button and this tool will detach those pages from there.

  1. Trello

Trello is a web-based visualization tool that allows you to store the files, share them with others and make changes in the documents on a single platform.

Students may need this tool on multiple platforms. For example, they have to share the assignment with other colleagues so they can upload the documents here

. Every person who has access to the tool can open the documents and also make changes if required.

Bottom Lines

Students are always worried about managing the assignments on the device. Moreover, they also face difficulty while sharing the documents with other colleagues. So, here they need a solution for this issue.

Online tools can be a handy option as they can help you generate new files, sort them in the folder, and share them with other fellows. All the useful online tools are discussed in this article that can help the students in managing the assignments. 

MHope you will get the benefit of these online tools and make working easy.

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