6 Myths Busted About Alanya Real Estate

Alanya is a beautiful town on the bank of the Turkish Riviera. One of the beaches in Alanya is known as Cleopatra beach, as she supposedly swam several times in the Riviera. In short, Alanya is full of beautiful views and sights.

Buying real estate in Alanya would be the best thing to do. You can visit Alanya and enjoy the beautiful scenery or the ocean whenever you want. Plus, this investment will fetch you returns as you put it up for renting or Airbnb.

We understand you have concerns about the legal procedures. We are going to bust 6 myths regarding Alanya real estates:

Myth 1: Buying real estate is a long and tedious process.

Previously the procedure was long but thanks to the Turkish government, the rules have been loosened for foreigners to buy an estate. You can get home within a few days, unlike in other countries where it can take months.

There is no waiting period anymore once you have finalized the deal and signed the papers for “transfer of ownership”. It might even take only 3 days for you to move in after you have signed the papers. Yes, it is that fast and simple.

Myth 2: The Government will take over the property after my demise.

This is a myth that many people believe in. However, it is far from the truth. Once you sign the papers of ownership, you get freehold ownership. What does that mean for you? Freehold or absolute ownership refers to your complete hold.

After your death, the ownership passes on hereditarily to your children or other family members according to the law. If you want to donate it to a charity, you are free to do that too. However, it must be done in written form.  

Myth 3: I cannot trust real estate agents in Turkey.

In reality, the scenario would be better with a real estate agent. Being a foreigner, you don’t have an idea of the place, location, and other local things you need to know. When you buy a house, you would need someone to manage the property.

An agent knows all the rules and can help you even after buying the property. The agent can help you get maintenance, cleaning, and other services. They are trustworthy and professional. If you have doubts, you can always see their license and do some research online.

It is advisable to go with reputed companies with known real estate agents. Additionally, Turkish laws protect the rights of investors.

Myth 4: I cannot buy an estate because I do not have time to travel.

That is understandable, however, you do not need to travel to Turkey to buy a house. With a reputed real estate company, you get a 360-degree viewing of the house. If you want, the agents can also show you the surroundings.

Also, all the official paperwork can be done by a notarized proxy in your absence. According to your wish, you may stay online for the whole process. Just like the laws, the process is quite transparent and has firm laws to avoid loopholes. You can always ask your doubts about the house the agent assigned to you, anytime, anywhere.

Myth 5: I am afraid of the language barrier.

Yes, most of the population speaks Turkish, but most understand English as well. The school usually teaches them from a very young age as a second language. You may choose to learn other languages like German, French or Italian.

Learning the language is not difficult too since the letters are similar to English letters with a few variations. Also, Alanya has various international schools which follow a German curriculum or an English curriculum. If you have kids, and you want them to have an education in a different language, you can always find a private international school.

Myth 6: I have to pay a lot of money as tax.

That is a complete myth. The truth is that you pay 0.2 to 0.4% housing tax depending on the area you choose to stay in. It is slightly higher within the posh areas of the state, and the tax is lower in the outskirts.

If you compare it with other European countries or USA, it is not even 1/3 of the tax they have to pay. You can recover all the money that you gave as an investment plus the taxes from the rent or Airbnb cost if you are not staying. If you are staying in the house, the comfort and view of Alanya’s Mediterranean coast would be worth the meager 0.4% tax. 


In short, getting a property in Alanya would be an intelligent investment. The real estate market is an evergreen one where you won’t lose a dime. You will get everything doubled or tripled. It could even be more. Don’t hesitate to contact a real estate agent in Alanya to get the best deal of the season. A house by the cost with all the facilities around seems like an amazing investment.

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