Airtel Night Plan Code [2023/2024 UPDATED]

Airtel Night Plan Code: As you have already known WITSPOT gives you an easy way to get to browse on the internet either for free or at cheaper rate on MTN and Airtel sim.

However, on this page you are going to learn about Airtel Night Plan Code in 2023/2024. Your search intent regarding Code for Airtel Mid Night Plan will be satisfied on this page.

You won’t have to search on Google again for Night Plan Code for Airtel sim. But first, a little introduction.

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Airtel Night Plan Code [2023/2024 UPDATED]

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Information about code for Airtel night plan

Before subscribing to this near-free midnight surf plan, here are a few things you should know:

Airtel Night Plan code 2023: The number of codes you must provide for this package.

Airtel Night Plan Time: You need to know how long the plan is before it takes place.

How to Check Data Balance: An Easy Way to Check Data Balance When Browsing.

The Airtel SmartTribe Cheap Night Browsing Package, also known as the Pulse Nightlife Package, is limited to users who have migrated to Airtel SmartTribe and if you have not migrated you are not permitted to subscribe to the plan.

And if you’re not using SmartTribe yet, you can easily migrate to Airtel SmartTribe by following my guide and you’ll be able to surf for free in the middle of the night.

What is the code for Airtel night plan?

To use Airtel night plan, you must first migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe. You can do this by dialing *312#. Then reply with to confirm your migration to SmartTrybe.

Airtel 500 MB night plan for N25

To activate 500 MB subscription for only 25 naira follow the steps below;

  • Dial *312# on your mobile device
  • Select 3 to view all SmartTrybe suggestions.
  • Press 1 to subscribe to N25-500MB.

Note: The 500 MB allocated to you is valid only from 12am to 5am that night.

Airtel Night Plan Validity Period

Airtel Unlimited Night Plan code 2023/2024

You can subscribe to Airtel’s 3 hours unlimited nights plan by dialing *481*2#. It costs 200 naira. However, the subscription to this plan expires 3 hours after purchase.

Another unlimited plan is unlimited for 6 hours and costs 500 naira. To subscribe, dial 4811#.

However, note that this unlimited plan is valid from 12 noon to 6 am daily.

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How to Activate the Airtel 1GB and N25 for 250MB

To subscribe to Airtel 1GB Night Plan follow the steps below;

  • First you need to migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe by dialing *312# then answer 1.
  • After migration, dial *312#
  • Answer 1 for 250 MB for N25
  • Answer 2 for 1GB for N500 (night schedule from 12am to 5am)

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How to Check Airtel Night Plan Data Balance

To check general data balance on Airtel or mainly Airtel night plan data balance, see below;

  • 30MB- 1 day -100 naira-410# • 500MB- 14 days-500 naira –418#
  • 1.5GB-30 days-1000 naira-496# • 2GB -30 days-2000 naira-438#
  • 3GB- 30 days-3000 naira-437# • 4.5GB- 30 days-439#

Airtel Night Plan Validity Period

As you have already known, all Airtel data plans will have an expired time. Since this is a night plan, you have to be aware that the data you buy can only be used at night. The Airtel night plan validity period is just 5 hours.

This means that Airtel night plan will only spend 5 hours before it expires.

This further means that Night Plan for Airtel will expire the same day you subscribe to it.

In addition, you cannot surf if you run out of data (250 MB) before 5:00 am. However, if you do not complete your data before 05:00, the remaining data will expire and the data cannot be transferred.

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Frequently asked questions about Airtel night Plan 2023/2024

Benefits of night plan for Airtel

Airtel Nigeria has launched an exclusive night surfing offer for Airtel Pulse subscribers. This allows users to enjoy a meager 500MB with the N25 alone. Data plans are affordable and worth the price.

However, heavy internet users like us will finish this MB before we can download the five TV episodes of THE FLASH from O2tvseries.

There are many reasons why Nigerians love to surf at night. First, the internet speed at night is usually twice or even three times faster than during the day.

Apart from high-speed internet, most of the network providers in Nigeria offer nightly packages at very low prices.

Frequently asked questions about Airtel night Plan 2023/2024

Can I use Airtel night plan without migrating to Smart Tribe?

No, you can only access this plan if you are a Smart Tribe member, so you have to migrate first.

What is the Airtel Night Plan code?

The code for Airtel night plan is *312#. When you dial the code, press 3 for night surfing.

How to get 1.5GB Airtel Night plan?

Previously, you could get 1.5GB of data for the N200, but Airtel has discontinued this offer. Currently you can only get 250MB for the N25. So if you subscribe 6 times per night you can get 1.5 GB for 150 naira.

Does Airtel offer free data at night?

Airtel midnight plan is also known as Airtel plus free midnight browsing, which makes nighttime browsing easier because it works with Airtel plus. Airtel night plan is mainly for people like BloggersYouTubers, people who need huge data to download, or who like to watch movies at night.

Can you use Airtel night data during the day?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to convert a night plan to a day plan. So if you purchased a Airtel night data plan, you’ll have to use it within the specified timeframe between 11:00pm and 06:00am.

Does Airtel night plan roll over?

Capital NO! Most of the time you get to roll over unused data except for night plan and data bonuses.

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I’m confident that this information on Airtel Night Package Code, and how to Activate Airtel Night Plan is useful for you.

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