5 Best Plagiarism Checker for Educational Content

Best Plagiarism Checker Tools for Educational Content

The struggle of writing new content is real. It takes a lot of time and effort to produce high-quality and fresh educational content. However, if your content fails to pass the plagiarism and content theft tests, all the hours that you put into writing your post will become worthless. 


So, your content must pass the plagiarism and content theft tests. But there are a plethora of tools available to check the originality of a piece of content. So, finding the ideal one could be challenging. That’s where this guide of the (five) 5 best plagiarism checker tools for educational content will come in handy.

From the definition of plagiarism to plagiarism types to the five best tools, I will cover everything here. So, let’s dive into this discussion.

What is Plagiarism in Educational Content?

Plagiarism means copying someone else’s thoughts, words, or ideas without sourcing the original owner. Different authors define plagiarism differently. But the end goal of each author is the same. So, whether it is plagiarism in blogs or academic content, it has the same consequences. Thus, avoiding plagiarism should be the priority of every author.

Types of Plagiarism for Educational Content:

Although there are different types of plagiarism, the following are the most common ones:

  1. Self-Plagiarism:

Sometimes, writing becomes an arduous task. So, to avoid this, writers try to use content from their previous writings. This scenario indicates a condition known as self-plagiarism.

  1. Mosaic-Plagiarism:

Paraphrasing is a handy technique to avoid plagiarism. But incorrectly paraphrasing a piece of content falls under the context of mosaic plagiarism.

  1. Accidental Plagiarism:

As the name depicts, accidental plagiarism occurs accidentally. So, when a writer forgets to cite the source of information, he commits accidental plagiarism in his writing.

  1. Direct Plagiarism:

As the name depicts, when a writer directly copies the content without using inverted commas or citing the references, he commits direct plagiarism.

List of the 5 Best Plagiarism Checker Tools for Educational Content:

Prepostseo: Best Plagiarism Checker Tools for Educational Content

Generally, free plagiarism checkers are not worth using. However, there are a few exceptions to this claim. One such exception is the “Plagiarism Checker of Prepostseo. 

This plagiarism detection tool has made the fourth spot on the plagiarism checker online list. The Plagiarism Checker of Prepostseo uses advanced and deep searching AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms to find plagiarism in the uploaded content. Once the tool has finished the scanning procedure, it will show the plagiarism in the content with percentages. So, users can download the plagiarism report in PDF formats. Hence, it will be easier to share plagiarism reports with your client.

The Plagiarism Checker of Prepostseo is a freeware tool that checks the plagiarism of the pasted text or uploaded document file. However, users can also upload the files directly from “Google Drive” and “OneDrive.” This plagiarism checker allows users to check the plagiarism of 1000 words (for unregistered users and visitors) and 1500 words (for free registered users). However, if users want to scan the documents with more words, they will have to purchase the premium plan.

*** Pro Tip: You can take help from the below table to understand the word count and plan mechanism of this plagiarism checker ***

WHY SHOULD YOU SELECT “Plagiarism Checker of PrePostSEO”?PROBLEMS WITH USING “Plagiarism Checker of PrePostSEO”
Unlike other plagiarism detectors, this tool allows you to upload the files directly from cloud storage, such as “Google Drive” and “OneDrive”Limited Words for free users
The Plagiarism Checker of PrePostSEO can check the plagiarism of the files in multiple languages. So, it is better than the Plagiarism Checker of GrammarlyGo with a Premium plan for a better experience
You can download the plagiarism report of PrePostSEO in PDF format. Hence, it will be easier for you to share the plagiarism report with your clientRecaptcha is required
  • Copyscape:
Best Plagiarism Checker Tools for Educational Content

The first plagiarism checker for checking the integrity of educational content is copyscape.

Copyscape is the most popular paid plagiarism checker because several bloggers and freelance writers use it to protect their content against content thefts. This plagiarism checker has two modules:

  • Copysentry – Copysentry is a website monitoring module, as it daily scans a website’s content against content thefts. So, if someone creates a copy of your blog content over the internet, this module will inform you by sending an email.
  • Copyscape Premium – Copyscape Premium works like a conventional plagiarism detector, as it uses advanced AI algorithms to scan the matches of the uploaded content in its database. 
  • Despite having the traditional plagiarism-checking mechanism, its payment mechanism is a bit weird because it charges the users according to the length of their content.

This plagiarism detector uses a Copyscape-passed badge to protect a piece of content from stealing. So, the Copyscape badge on a blog’s content indicates the uniqueness and legitimacy of the content. 

But let’s see the pros and cons of this plagiarism detector to determine the areas where it excels and fails.

The Copysentry is one of the unique modules of Copyscape because such features are not available in every plagiarism detectorAs mentioned earlier, this plagiarism detector charges the users according to the word count of their content. So, it doesn’t have a monthly or annually payment plan, which might be a deal-breaker for some users
You can use the API of Copyscape to integrate its functionality on your blog 
Copyscape has a simple and easy-to-use interface, which would be ideal for beginners
Due to being a popular plagiarism detector, people respect a piece of content if it has a Copyscape-passed badge
The updated version of Copyscape premium allows users to upload and copy-paste the text for checking plagiarism
  • Grammarly:
Grammerly: Best Plagiarism Checker Tools for Educational Content

The second content plagiarism checker on the (five) 5 best plagiarism checker tools for educational content list is the “Plagiarism Checker by Grammarly.

Grammarly has the reputation of being a writing and editing assistance tool. But it can do more than (just) proofreading a text. So, its plagiarism detection is living proof of this claim.

The grammar and punctuation errors detection ability of Grammarly is available for free. But this tool provides advanced features at a $12.00/month plan. And one such advanced feature is the plagiarism detector of Grammarly.

The Plagiarism Checker by Grammarly has an extensive database of sixteen billion web pages. So, it scans for the duplicates of uploaded content in its enormous database. That is why the plagiarism detection capability of Plagiarism Checker by Grammarly is stricter than Copyscape.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker has various fortes and a few drawbacks. So, let’s see those fortes and downsides to get an honest opinion about this tool.

WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE “Plagiarism Checker of Grammarly”?DOWNSIDES of USING “Plagiarism Checker of Grammarly”
Unlike Copyscape, Grammarly provides users with more ways of entering the text to check its plagiarism. For example, it has a Microsoft Word Add-in, Chrome browser extension and a Desktop/Web Editor.Browser Extension – allows you to install the extension of Grammarly in chrome-based browsers. So, you can use the plagiarism detector of Grammarly in online text editors.Desktop/Web Editor – Grammarly also has a desktop and web editor. So, you can either install the desktop client or use the web editor to check the authenticity of your content. But for this, you will have to either copy-paste the text or upload the document file from local storage.Microsoft Word Add-in – allows you to integrate Grammarly into Microsoft Word. This way, you can check the plagiarism and grammatical/punctuation errors in real-time.Unlike Copyscape, this tool can check plagiarism in the English language only. So, it is not ideal for other language users
Grammarly brings dual benefits at the same price tag. So, if you have already purchased its premium plan for correcting grammar and punctuation errors, its plagiarism detector will be ideal for you
You can export the text analysis report of Grammarly in PDF format. This way, it will be easier for you to share your progress with your clients
Grammarly also sends emails to its premium users about their weekly plagiarism report
  • Quetext:
Quetext: Best Plagiarism Checker Tools for Educational Content

The third spot on this list is a shareware plagiarism checker. Its name is “Quetext Plagiarism Checker.

Quetext uses DeepSearch technology to check the integrity of the uploaded content. But that’s not the only forte of this plagiarism checker. Apart from using smart algorithms, this tool uses Lightspeed recognition to increase the speed of the plagiarism checking mechanism. So, it brings dual benefits for users.

This plagiarism detector is famous for its rich user experience because it uses different color schemes to indicate the exact and fuzzy matches in the uploaded content. If the tool has found any plagiarism in the uploaded content, users can use the built-in ‘Cite Source’ feature to cite the sources in APA, Chicago and MLA formats.

Now, let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of this plagiarism checker.

WHY SHOULD YOU PREFER “Quetext Plagiarism Checker”?NEGATIVES of USING “Quetext Plagiarism Checker”
The Quetext Plagiarism Checker provides decent features for freeQuetext is a shareware plagiarism tool because it allows users to scan five pages or 2500 words for free. After that, users will have to purchase the license of this tool for using it
Quetext Plagiarism Checker has a rich user experience, as it uses different color schemes to indicate the plagiarism in the pasted contextThere is no option for uploading the document file because you can only paste the copied text to check its plagiarism
It is faster than most plagiarism detectors because it uses Lightspeed recognitionYou can download the plagiarism report if you are using the paid version
Quetext Plagiarism Checker uses DeepSearch technology to search for the matches of uploaded content in its one million+ journals and extensive searchable books and website libraries (database)

Unregistered Users1000
Registered-Basic Users1500
Basic-Premium Users5000
Standard-Premium Users15000
Company-Premium Users25000

Now, let’s see the positives and negatives of this plagiarism detector to understand it better.

Editpad.org: Best Plagiarism Checker Tools for Educational Content

The last plagiarism checker on the (five) 5 best plagiarism checker tools for the educational content list is another free tool. Its name is the “Plagiarism Checker by Editpad.org.

The Plagiarism Checker by Editpad.org is a free tool that uses different color schemes and percentage mechanisms to indicate the plagiarized content. It deeply scans the uploaded content against online databases. 

Thus, if this tool finds any plagiarism in the content, it will link its source. This way, users can navigate to the source of plagiarized content with one click.

Now, let’s see the pros and cons of this tool to get an honest thought about this tool.

WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE “Plagiarism Checker of Editpad.org”?DOWNSIDES of USING “Plagiarism Checker of Editpad.org”
Like the other tools, you can upload a file or paste raw text to check its authenticity with this toolThe Plagiarism Checker of Editpad.org limits the users to check the authenticity of 1000 words only. So, it won’t be suitable for long texts
The Plagiarism Checker of Editpad.org is entirely freeThere is no built-in database for this tool. Instead, it checks the uploaded content in an online database. So, compared to the other (discussed) plagiarism checkers, it will be less accurate accurate  
This tool can detect plagiarism in 13 languages. So, users will not face language barrier issues with this tool        Recaptcha is required
Unlike other tools, you can directly upload a PDF file in this tool to check its plagiarism, as it supports ‘.doc,’ ‘.docx, ‘.pdf’ and ‘.txt’ files

Due to its different color schemes and percentage mechanism, it will be easier for users to find the plagiarized content in the entire text 


Blog content is not just a single text anymore because it contains different combinations of multiple texts written in different styles, etc. Thus, it is not a simple task to detect plagiarism in such complex blogs. But the five tools discussed here will come in handy in creating authentic content of any writing style for a blog. Out of the five discussed tools, Copyscape is my top pick and that is why I have put it in the first spot.

Moreover, Scribbr plagiarism checker is another ideal plagiarism detector. But I have not included it in this list because Scribbr is best for checking dissertations and journals. So, the list discussed above only contains plagiarism checkers that are ideal for checking the legitimacy of blog content.

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