Blacklisted Universities in USA 2023-2024

Hello. You are so curious to know what a Blacklisted University is all about and how many Blacklisted Universities are there in the United States of America, We will provide you with detailed information regarding your Concern. 

Blacklisted universities are those Institutions that have either lost their accreditation due to one reason or the other or do not have a recognized or reliable accreditation. 

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In the United States of America, some Universities have been flagged by various sources as problematic for different reasons, such as lack of accreditation, financial instability, or low academic standards hence they are Blacklisted. 

We will provide the lists of Blacklisted Universities in USA and also touch on the reason the various Institutions fall into the Blacklist Pit. 

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Lists Of Blacklisted Universities in USA 

  • Belford University 
  • Bienville University 
  • University Of Northern Virginia 
  • Suffield University 
  • California Graduate School Of Theology

Blacklisted Universities in the USA (Belford University) 

The so-called Belford University was said to be an Online School that offered unaccredited degrees not for education but for life experience.

According to our research, we have the so-called University before it was blacklisted had a post office box in Texas. However, it is also stated that the Certificate of being a beneficiary of their programs was issued from the United Arab Emirates. I am not laughing and you will not. 

To start with how the fake University was created, we found out that one of the famous companies named Axact was its Owner along with many other so-called online websites. 

The New York Times one time released a statement about the University after they claimed an investigation was carried out that the University is a fake one that sells fake academic degrees. 

The fake University was shut down in the year 2012 and the founder was ordered by the court to pay a sum of $22.7 Million for having established such an illicit establishment. 

Furthermore, a man named Shoaib Ahmed Sheikh the CEO of Axact was apprehended In July 2018. He was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment after playing a major role in the Scam. 

Overall, Belford was just an Imaginary Institution that did not exist and it is documented that various Students across the world have fallen victim of the School Scam. 

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Blacklisted Universities in USA (Bienville University) 

The so-called Bienville University was an unaccredited institution that was based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana just before it was unaccredited. 

According to our research, the University was never recognized by any American accreditation agency. The reason the school was unaccredited remains obscure to us today. 

We learned that University was closed in its state and it never get approval from some other American Accreditation Agencies such as the US Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. 

Blacklisted Universities in USA (University Of Northern California) 

The University of Northern California is one of the few Universities that is not accredited by any of the six regional accrediting bodies recognized by the US Department of Education. 

The University was founded in 1963 just as a business school and later expanded to offer degree programs in various fields, including law, healthcare, and education. 

Over the years, the Institution has been the subject of controversy and legal challenges due to concerns about the quality of education it provides and its accreditation status. 

However, in the year 2007, we learned that the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) issued a cease-and-desist order against UNC for operating without state approval, and in 2012, the institution was fined $50,000 by the BPPE for various violations.

Blacklisted Universities in USA (Suffield University)

The University was among the earlier 2000s Blacklisted Universities in USA. It is documented that the University issued fake Certificates to Students in life Experience programs. 

Moreover, it was a stated fact that the Founder or let’s say the CEO of the so called University was also the Scam of other unaccredited universities such as Redding University, Glendale University, Greenwood University and Bryson University. 

Blacklisted Universities in USA (California Graduate School Of Theology)

The California Graduate School of Theology is a private, non-denominational Christian graduate school located in La Mirada, California. Research shows the Institution was founded in the year 1983 with the aim of providing high-quality theological education.

It was not until the early 2000s that the US Department of Education highlighted the school as an unaccredited Institute as the School has its name unaccredited with any of the American Accreditation Agencies. 

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How do I know if my degree is valid in USA?

If you are keen to know if your degree is Valid in USA, you can request an evaluation from a member organization of one of the two national associations of credential evaluation services. 

How long does blacklisted last?

It is an established fact that once a person, Institution, or organization has been blacklisted, a bad credit record for anything from 2 – 10 years can be issued, depending on the type of issue you, the institution or the organization have. 

Wrapping Up Blacklisted Universities in USA 

I’m confident that this post has given you all information you need to know about Blacklisted Universities in USA. Kindly note that the information provided in this content is subject to change however, we will keep updating this content if there is a need to.

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