Clemson University Majors [Full List]

Clemson University Majors: Learn about the majors, programs, and degrees that Clemson University offers. If you planning to study in Clemson, there are lot of information you need. One essential information is available programs in Harvard and its degree award. On this page, you will discover the majors and programs offered by Clemson University and the types of degrees awarded. Let’s dive in!

Clemson University Majors [Full List]

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But before we proceed, check out the most popular majors in Clemson University below.

Most Popular Majors in Clemson University

  • Business 380 Graduates
  • Marketing 306 Graduates
  • Psychology 303 Graduates
  • Biology 275 Graduates
  • Industrial Engineering 242 Graduates
  • Mechanical Engineering 228 Graduates
  • Finance 207 Graduates
  • Nursing 207 Graduates
  • Information Science 181 Graduates
  • Accounting 143 Graduates

Now that you have read about the most famous majors in Clemson, let’s proceed to the real topic “Clemson University Majors”

All Majors in Clemson University

Discover the majors and programs offered by Clemson University and the types of degrees awarded.


  • ArtsBachelors 16 Graduates No Online
  • Film and Video StudiesBachelors 9 Graduates No Online
  • Industrial and Product Design Bachelors 82 Graduates No Online
  • Performing Arts Bachelors 23 Graduates No Online


  • Accounting Bachelors 143 Graduates No Online
  • Business Certificate 1 Graduate No Online Bachelors 379 Graduates No Online
  • Construction Management Bachelors 69 Graduates No Online
  • FinanceBachelors 207 Graduates No Online
  • MarketingCertificate37 Graduates No OnlineBachelors269 GraduatesNo Online
  • Parks, Recreation and Leisure StudiesCertificate0 GraduatesNo OnlineBachelors123 GraduatesNo Online
  • SalesCertificate2 GraduatesNo Online


  • Agricultural Teacher EducationBachelors19 GraduatesNo Online
  • Early Childhood EducationBachelors22 GraduatesNo Online
  • EducationBachelors0 GraduatesNo Online
  • Elementary EducationBachelors47 GraduatesNo Online
  • High School EducationBachelors33 GraduatesNo Online
  • Mathematics Teacher EducationBachelors2 GraduatesNo Online
  • Middle School EducationBachelors0 GraduatesNo Online
  • Science Teacher EducationBachelors3 GraduatesNo Online
  • Special Education and TeachingBachelors12 GraduatesNo Online

Health Professions

  • Food ScienceBachelors60 GraduatesNo Online
  • Health ProfessionsCertificate21 GraduatesNo OnlineBachelors86 GraduatesNo Online
  • Health Service Preparatory Studies Bachelors0 GraduatesNo Online
  • NursingBachelors207 GraduatesNo Online
  • Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical SciencesBachelors7 GraduatesNo Online
  • Public HealthCertificate14 GraduatesNo Online


  • African American StudiesBachelors1 GraduateNo Online
  • AnthropologyBachelors9 GraduatesNo Online
  • Behavioral SciencesCertificate0 GraduatesNo Online
  • EconomicsBachelors133 GraduatesNo Online
  • EnglishBachelors81 GraduatesNo Online
  • Foreign Languages and LiteraturesBachelors66 GraduatesNo Online
  • HistoryBachelors55 GraduatesNo Online
  • Human DevelopmentCertificate0 GraduatesNo OnlineBachelors0 GraduatesNo Online
  • Liberal Arts and HumanitiesBachelors0 GraduatesNo Online
  • Non-Profit and Public ManagementCertificate0 GraduatesOffered Online
  • PhilosophyBachelors13 GraduatesNo Online
  • Political Science and GovernmentBachelors97 GraduatesNo Online
  • PsychologyBachelors303 GraduatesNo Online
  • Religious StudiesBachelors7 GraduatesNo Online
  • Rhetoric and CompositionBachelors79 GraduatesNo Online
  • Sign LanguageCertificate0 GraduatesNo Online
  • SociologyBachelors52 GraduatesNo Online
  • Spanish Language and LiteratureBachelors27 GraduatesNo Online
  • Sports CommunicationBachelors32 GraduatesNo Online
  • Women’s StudiesBachelors15 GraduatesNo Online

Protective Services

  • Criminology Bachelors 64 Graduates No Online

Science, Technology, and Math

  • Agricultural BusinessBachelors 82 Graduates No Online
  • Agricultural Engineering Bachelors 22 Graduates No Online
  • Animal Sciences and Husbandry Bachelors 124 GraduatesNo Online
  • Aquaculture Bachelors 38 Graduates No Online
  • Architecture Bachelors 75 Graduates No Online
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Bachelors60 Graduates No Online
  • Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering Bachelors 117 Graduates No Online
  • BiologyBachelors 275 Graduates No Online
  • Chemical Engineering Bachelors 66 Graduates No Online
  • Chemistry Bachelors 22 GraduatesNo Online
  • Civil EngineeringBachelors138 GraduatesNo Online
  • Computer Hardware EngineeringBachelors65 GraduatesNo Online
  • Crop and Soil SciencesBachelors12 GraduatesNo Online
  • Electrical EngineeringCertificate3 GraduatesNo OnlineBachelors75 GraduatesNo Online
  • EngineeringCertificate3 GraduatesNo Online
  • Environmental EngineeringBachelors27 GraduatesNo Online
  • ForestryBachelors28 GraduatesNo Online
  • GeneticsBachelors55 GraduatesNo Online
  • Geology and Earth ScienceBachelors14 GraduatesNo Online
  • HorticultureBachelors15 GraduatesNo Online
  • Industrial Engineering Certificate 83 Graduates No Online Bachelors 159 Graduates No Online
  • Information Science Bachelors 181 Graduates No Online
  • Landscape Architecture Bachelors25 Graduates No Online
  • Manufacturing EngineeringCertificate0 GraduatesNo Online
  • Materials EngineeringBachelors38 GraduatesNo Online
  • MathematicsBachelors45 GraduatesNo Online
  • Mechanical Engineering Bachelors 228 Graduates No Online
  • Microbiology Bachelors 57 Graduates No Online
  • Natural Resources Conservation and Management Bachelors 26 Graduates No Online
  • PhysicsBachelors 11 Graduates No Online
  • Pre-Medicine Studies Bachelors 0 Graduates No Online
  • Veterinary Sciences Bachelors 0 Graduates No Online

Trades and Personal Services

  • Engineering Technician Bachelors 66 Graduates No Online

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