Coca cola Scholarship [2023/2024 Application Form]

Coca cola Scholarship in USA: This page will give you the full information about the scholarship program for Coca-Cola. Moving forward, on this page you will get to read about the requirements, deadline, application procedure, scholarship award, and additional details about the scholarship program.

Coca cola Scholarship [2023/2024 Application Form]

What is the Coca Cola Scholarship Program?

This is a merit based scholarship. And it was given to seniors who graduated. In addition, students are recognized for their ability to lead and serve. And a commitment to make a significant impact in their schools and communities.

In addition, the Coca Cola scholarship Foundation is committed to helping as many students as possible. However, due to the high number of applications and the limited resources, they are only able to provide a small portion of the study grant.

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How Apply for Coca Cola scholarship form 2023/2024

To apply for the Coca-Cola Scholarship please note. You must submit your Google Forms application through the online portal. Also, no essays, transcripts or other additional documents are required to apply for this scholarship.

However, they recommend that you obtain a copy of your transcript before completing this application. This is to ensure that you provide the most accurate and up-to-date information about yourself.

Also, here are some other things you need to gather before you start filling out this application:

  1. The High School code for your school from the College Board.
  2. Also, your parents approximate combined income before taxes last year (optional)
  3. Additional information about after-school programs sponsored by your school. For example: How long have you been with each club. What is your official leadership degree? And how long have you been in this role? Also, information on any and all awards and honours you have received throughout your time in high school.
  4. Furthermore, information on any community service hours you have completed throughout high school.
  5. Also the number of AP, IB and Honors classes offered at your school.
  6. Also your high school grades.
  7. Also your current grade and class size.
  8. Additional information about the work experience you had in high school. Like: Work. How many hours do you work per week, etc.

More details about Coca Cola Scholarship Program form 2023/2024

As already mentioned, this is a merit based scholarship. And it will be given to seniors who graduated.

In addition, students are recognized for their ability to lead and serve. However, for more information on the Coca-Cola Scholarship Program in USA, please visit the application link provided below.

Award Amount

Amount award for Coca cola Scholarship is $20,000.

Requirement for Coca cola Scholarship in USA

Applicants must be current high school/home-schooled seniors. Also, must attend school in the U.S. And must anticipate completion of a high school diploma at the time of application. Also, must plan to pursue a degree at an accredited U.S. post-secondary institution. More requirement can be found below.

Deadline for Coca cola Scholarship in USA 2023/2024

The closing date for Coca cola Scholarship 2022 is October 31, 2022

Awards Available

One hundred and fifty (150).

Deadline for Coca cola Scholarship in USA 2023/2024

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Coca-Cola Scholarship Program 2023/2024

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Coca Cola Scholarship Program 2022

How Much Is The Coca Cola Scholarship Worth?

150 Coca-Cola Scholars are selected each year to receive a $20,000 grant. However, the Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team – 50 Gold will receive $1,500. While 50 silver gets $1250. And 50 bronze is 1000 dollars.

What are the Coca Cola Scholarship Requirements?

The following are requirements for Coca Cola Scholarship;

  1. You must be a senior.
  2. You must also finish this school year.
  3. You must also have a weighted GPA of at least 3.0.
  4. In addition, you should plan to complete a bachelor’s degree within the year after graduating from high school. And students must attend an accredited post-secondary institution in the United States.

Is the Coca Cola Scholarship Legitimate?

Well, the Coca Cola Foundation offers some of the most generous awards to graduates. Also, they tend to be very competitive. However, you have to be smart to look for this scholarship. Always be on the lookout for scams.

The above scholarships can actually change your life as a student. Also, this is a scholarship you will love if you apply and get it. But before you apply, make sure you meet the requirements.

To apply for Coca cola Scholarship 2023/2024 click



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