Columbia University Acceptance Rate 2023-2026

On this page we will discuss about the Columbia University Acceptance Rate, and other important information regarding Columbia University Admit rate 2026.

We’ve divided up the Columbia University acceptance rate 2026 into each entry class to make this information as clear as simple as possible.

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As a result, the acceptance rates for first-year students, transfers, and international students at Columbia are divided into separate categories on this page.

Additionally, feel free to look at the class profile and admission data for Columbia University at the bottom of this page.

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Columbia University Acceptance Rate 2022/2026

Why is the 2026 Columbia Admission Rate Low?

Since almost all ivy league colleges are competitive, they are notorious for having acceptance rates that are lower than 10%.

The most frequent explanation for Columbia University’s low acceptance rate is because it is a prestigious elite institution with rigorous academic criteria.

In order to uphold its reputations, academic standards, and class size, Columbia must reject the majority of applicants, which results in very low acceptance rates.

Although Columbia University is regarded as one of the most prominent and selective universities in America, it’s crucial to remember that no admission rate is good or poor.

All you need to know is that the institutions tend to be competitive, high standard, selective, and have low admission rates. Columbia University Acceptance Rate 2022/2026

What is the 2026 acceptance rate for Columbia University?

First-year acceptance rate at Columbia University: The institution’s overall acceptance percentage for admission is 6.1 percent. The breakdown of the admission rate is shown below.

What is the 2026 transfer admission rate for Columbia University? The admittance percentage for Columbia Transfer students ranges from 10% to 50%.

What will the 2026 regular decision (R.D.) admission rate for Columbia be? The acceptance percentage for Columbia’s ordinary decision admissions is 5.1 percent.

What is the early decision (E.D.) admission rate for Columbia in 2026? The acceptance rate for Columbia’s early decision admissions is 15.1%.

What is the 2026 admission rate for overseas students at Columbia University? The acceptance percentage for international students at Columbia University ranges from 1.4 percent to 51 percent.

For overseas students, Columbia University has also recorded acceptance rates as low as 0.6 percent and as high as 51%.

Columbia University Acceptance Rate by Major

The Columbia University admission rate 2026 by major has shown that the following are the most popular and top majors at Columbia.

  • Social Science majors
  • Engineering majors
  • Computer and Information Science majors
  • Biological Science majors.
  • Biomedical Science majors
  • English Language major
  • Literatures majors
  • Mathematics and Statistics majors
  • History major
  • Visual and Performing Arts major
  • Foreign Language
  • Linguistics majors
  • Psychology major.

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