Crescent University school fee for Freshers 2023/2024

Crescent University school fee for Freshers 2021/2022

Crescent University School Fee for freshers and Returning students, 2021/2022. The Management of Crescent University, Abeokuta (CUAB) has published the school fee regulations for the 2021/2022 academic session.

Crescent University Curriculum and school Fee (CUAB) 2021/2022
Below is the attached image for the Abeokuta University Tuition/SPP Program, Abeokuta (CUAB) Academic Session 2021/2022.

Crescent University school fee for Freshers 2021/2022

Crescent University school fees for Freshers 2021/2022

All students must pay at least 70% of their school fees on or before resumption. No student will be admitted to campus unless they can show full or 70% installment payments.

However, parents are reminded that tuition fees can be paid through the Crescent University aid bank account in Abeokuta. The University does not support commitments in lieu of payment. Please note that the fee of N 300.00 for the computer certification program is included in the school fee and does not have to be paid separately.

More information about Crescent University school fee for Freshers 2021/2022

Late enrollment: Parents should note that students can apply online up to six weeks after their vacation restarts. Thereafter, any student who does not register during this period must pay an additional N 10,000 as a late registration fee.

Additional Annual Fees: The University is no longer providing discounts to students who are unable to complete their program within the specified minimum years. If a student has reason to spend an extra year, he or she must be willing to pay full school fees.

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  1. Thanks for the information. I would like to confirm if the admission particularly into the faculty of law is still on-going.
    I wish to also confirm if the tuition fees are per session or on semester basis.

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