Dentistry Schools in Chicago [2024/2025 10 best list]

Dentistry Schools in Chicago: Are you interested in the list of dentistry schools available in Chicago? Or you are planning to study in one of the Dentistry schools in Chicago. Anyways, regardless of what category you fall into, you have come to the right page. Your search intent regarding odontology schools will be satisfied in this short article. But before we list the Dentistry schools around Chicago, let’s read a little history about Dentistry.

Dentistry Schools in Chicago [2024/2025 10 best list]
Dentistry Schools in Chicago

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History of Dentistry

Dentistry, also known as dentistry and oral medicine, is the branch of medicine that consists of the study, diagnosis, prevention, management and treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions of the oral cavity (mouth), usually of the teeth. teeth) and oral mucosa as well as adjacent and associated structures and tissues, especially in the maxillofacial (jaw and face) areas associated.[2] The field of stomatology or dentistry covers the teeth as well as other aspects of the craniofacial complex, including the temporomandibular joint and supporting structures, muscles, lymphatics, nerves, blood vessels and other anatomy. A doctor is called a dentist.

Dentistry is often also understood as the field of stomatology medicine (the study of the mouth and its disorders and diseases), most of which have become extinct today, so the two terms are used synonymously in certain areas. For example, in Australia, dentistry is considered a specialty of dentistry. However, some specialties such as oral and maxillofacial (facial reconstruction) surgery may require medical and dental degrees to achieve. Dentistry and some branches of medicine are believed to have evolved from the professions of barbers and surgeons throughout European history.[3] However, both fields have evolved with a greater focus on life sciences, evidence-based research, and evidence-based practice.

Dental care is carried out by a dental team, which often consists of a dentist and dental assistant (dental assistant, dental hygienist, dental technician and dental therapist). Most dentists work either in private practice (primary care), dental clinics or facilities (secondary care) (prisons, military bases, etc.).

The history of dentistry is almost as old as the history of humans and civilizations, with the earliest evidence being between 7000 BC. and 5500 BC [4]. Skeletal remains from Mehgarh (now in Pakistan) from this period show evidence that teeth were drilled with stone tools to remove tooth decay, a method that proved “highly effective”. Dentistry is believed to be the first medical specialty to develop its own accredited degree with its own specialty.[5] The current evidence-based dentistry movement requires the use of high-quality research and scientific evidence to guide decision making, such as: B. in manual dental care, use of fluoridated water and fluoridated toothpaste, treatment of oral diseases such as caries and periodontitis, and systemic diseases such as osteoporosis , diabetes, celiac disease, cancer, HIV/AIDS, which can also affect the oral cavity.

Other practices related to evidence-based dentistry include oral radiology to check for dental deformities or oral disease, hematology (blood testing) to prevent bleeding complications from dental surgery, and cardiology (because of the serious complications arising from dental surgery in patients with dental disease). heart). ) . ) Etc.

10 Dentistry Schools in Chicago

The highlighted schools below are the dentistry college in Chicago;

  1. Fox College
  2. Lewis University
  3. Harper College
  4. College of DuPage
  5. College of Lake County.
  6. Elgin Community College
  7. Prairie State College
  8. First Institute – Illinois
  9. State Career College
  10. North Central College

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