Harvard University Majors [FULL LIST]

Harvard University Major: Learn about the majors, programs, and degrees that Harvard University offers. If you planning to study in Harvard, there are lot of information you need. One essential information is available programs in Harvard and its degree award. On this page, you will discover the majors and programs offered by Harvard University and the types of degrees awarded. Let’s dive in!

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But before we proceed, check out the most popular majors in Harvard University below.

Harvard University Majors [FULL LIST]

Most Popular Majors

  • Economics 215 Graduates
  • Computer Science 190 Graduates
  • Social Science Research Methods 157 Graduates
  • History 145 Graduates
  • Political Science and Government 102 Graduates
  • Computational and Applied Mathematics 98 Graduates
  • Research and Experimental Psychology 77 Graduates
  • Neuroscience and Neurobiology 76 Graduates
  • Statistics 75 Graduates
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 68 Graduates

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Harvard University Ranking 2023/2024

All Majors

Discover the majors and programs offered by Harvard University and the types of degrees awarded.


  • Drama and Theatre Production Bachelors 0 Graduates No Online
  • Film and Video Studies Bachelors 0 Graduates No Online
  • Studio Arts Bachelors 0 Graduates No Online
  • Visual and Performing Arts Bachelors 36 Graduates No Online


  • EducationBachelors0 GraduatesNo Online

Health Professions

  • Public HealthBachelors0 GraduatesNo Online


  • African American StudiesBachelors10 GraduatesNo Online
  • AnthropologyBachelors28 GraduatesNo Online
  • Arabic Language and LiteratureBachelors0 GraduatesNo Online
  • ArchaeologyBachelors0 GraduatesNo Online
  • Art HistoryBachelors5 GraduatesNo Online
  • Asian StudiesBachelors20 GraduatesNo Online
  • Behavioral SciencesBachelors0 GraduatesNo Online
  • Chinese Language and LiteratureBachelors0 GraduatesNo Online
  • East Asian Languages and LiteraturesBachelors0 GraduatesNo Online
  • EconomicsBachelors215 GraduatesNo Online
  • EnglishBachelors55 GraduatesNo Online
  • European and Russian StudiesBachelors0 GraduatesNo Online
  • Foreign Languages and LiteraturesBachelors4 GraduatesNo Online
  • French Language and LiteratureBachelors0 GraduatesNo Online
  • German Language and LiteratureBachelors2 GraduatesNo Online
  • Global StudiesBachelors6 GraduatesNo Online
  • HistoryBachelors145 GraduatesNo Online
  • Italian Language and LiteratureBachelors0 GraduatesNo Online
  • Japanese Language and LiteratureBachelors0 GraduatesNo Online
  • Latin American StudiesBachelors0 GraduatesNo Online
  • Latin and Ancient Greek StudiesBachelors14 GraduatesNo Online
  • Liberal Arts and HumanitiesAssociates2 GraduatesNo OnlineBachelors34 GraduatesNo Online
  • Linguistics, Interpretation, and TranslationBachelors14 GraduatesNo Online
  • LiteratureBachelors7 GraduatesNo Online
  • Minority and Ethnic StudiesBachelors4 GraduatesNo Online
  • Music History and LiteratureBachelors6 GraduatesNo Online
  • Natural SciencesBachelors29 GraduatesNo Online
  • PhilosophyBachelors36 GraduatesNo Online
  • Political Science and GovernmentBachelors102 GraduatesNo Online
  • PsychologyBachelors0 GraduatesNo Online
  • Religious StudiesBachelors7 GraduatesNo Online
  • Research and Experimental PsychologyBachelors77 GraduatesNo Online
  • Russian and Eastern European Languages and LiteratureBachelors5 GraduatesNo Online
  • Social Science Research MethodsBachelors157 GraduatesNo Online
  • SociologyBachelors56 GraduatesNo Online
  • Spanish Language and LiteratureBachelors0 GraduatesNo Online
  • Theological and Ministerial StudiesBachelors0 GraduatesNo Online
  • Women’s StudiesBachelors11 GraduatesNo Online

Science, Technology, and Math

  • Astronomy and AstrophysicsBachelors18 GraduatesNo Online
  • Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyBachelors0 GraduatesNo Online
  • Bioengineering and Biomedical EngineeringBachelors19 GraduatesNo Online
  • BiologyBachelors30 GraduatesNo Online
  • Cellular BiologyBachelors37 GraduatesNo Online
  • ChemistryBachelors49 GraduatesNo Online
  • Computational and Applied MathematicsBachelors98 GraduatesNo Online
  • Computer ScienceBachelors190 GraduatesNo Online
  • Ecology and Evolutionary BiologyBachelors68 GraduatesNo Online
  • Electrical EngineeringBachelors9 GraduatesNo Online
  • Engineering ScienceBachelors46 GraduatesNo Online
  • Environmental ScienceBachelors14 GraduatesNo Online
  • Geology and Earth ScienceBachelors0 GraduatesNo Online
  • MathematicsBachelors65 GraduatesNo Online
  • Mechanical EngineeringBachelors19 GraduatesNo Online
  • MicrobiologyBachelors0 GraduatesNo Online
  • Neuroscience and NeurobiologyBachelors76 GraduatesNo Online
  • PhysicsBachelors45 GraduatesNo Online
  • StatisticsBachelors75 GraduatesNo Online

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