How to Pass WAEC This Year: 8 Tips For Preparation 2023

How to Pass WAEC 2023: The well-known school-leaving certificate examination, WAEC, is around the corner. This is a very dire period for many students because they do not know how to pass WAEC this year. This post will share tips for preparing so you can bang this examination.

The West African Examination Council is West Africa’s premier examination board, in charge of setting certificate examinations for students leaving the region’s secondary and high schools.

Without writing the WAEC exams, students cannot enter tertiary institutions in Nigeria or other countries such as the US and UK.

This means that passing WAEC is a big deal. With the tips we share in this post, you will know how to pass WAEC this year.

How to Pass WAEC This Year: 8 Tips For Preparation 2023
How to Pass WAEC This Year: 8 Tips For Preparation 2023

How are WAEC Examinations Structured

Before entering the examination hall, you must know how WAEC examinations are structured. This knowledge can sometimes be the difference between passing and failing a subject. It is important that you have the latest WAEC timetable.

Generally, every subject written in WAEC has at least two parts. However, certain subjects have more than two parts as they require students to engage in practical examinations.

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Objective Section

This part of the examination contains multiple-choice questions requiring students to pick the correct options. Since this part can be easy, it can help you score very high in every subject.

Making sure you do well in this section is one of the tips on how to pass WAEC.

Theory Section

The second part of the WAEC examinations is the theory section. This section is structured to test students’ knowledge of various concepts found in a subject.

Practical Section

Subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Visual Art require students to do practicals to complete their examinations.

Usually, this part of the subject is set on a different day from the other two sections. Alternative-to-practicals are done in place of practicals in some subjects.

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Tips on How to Pass WAEC 2023/2024

As much as a looming WAEC examination may seem dreadful, you can pass exceptionally if you prepare well. 

However, knowing to prepare is one thing. Knowing how to prepare is the second half of the equation. 

Here are some tips to help you achieve the second half of the preparation equation. Let’s divide them into three categories.

How to Pass WAEC 2023 | Before the Examination

An important part of succeeding in an examination requires that you prepare adequately. You have heard the saying, “He who fails to plan has planned to fail.”

Using these recommendations below, you will be planning to pass.

Starting Reading Early

Success or failure depends major on this fact. To pass the WAEC exceptionally, you must start your reading early. 

As WAEC is usually scheduled to be done in April/May, you must prepare proficiently before then. 

From the beginning of the year, craft a reading timetable that helps you go through every topic from SS1-SS3 in every subject at least once.

Study With Past Questions and Answers

Using past questions and answers in studying for your WAEC exams cannot be considered. As you study past questions, you become familiar with the nature of the examination and the structure of questions that will be asked during the exam.

Studying past questions also gives you a potential area of concentration, as most are repeated yearly.

Download past questions on every question on

Be familiar with the WAEC syllable for every subject

Most students just carry their textbooks and start reading. With this method, you will be wasting precious time learning what is irrelevant to the examination.

WAEC has a syllable different from NECO, another school-leaving certificate peculiar to Nigerian students. 

When you read with WAEC syllable, you will be streamlining your focus to topics on which questions may be asked. You can get the WAEC syllable from this link.

Read All the Recommended Books

In subjects like Literature-in-English, questions are set from novels and plays. To pass this subject, you must take time and read these books.

Furthermore, learn the summary of these novels and other facets of the books, like the themes, plot, and major characters.

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Attend Tutorials.

When preparing for WAEC, it is too much an effort to study a very excellent tutorial house. There are many cons to attending such tutorials, but there are still some major advantages to attending a tutoring house.

As most students writing WAEC have graduated from secondary school, the tutorial helps refresh them in preparation for the exams.

Furthermore, tutorial teachers are familiar with the methodology of effectively answering questions during the exams and teach their students these methods.

How to Pass WAEC|During the Exam

As much as you would have prepared before an examination, you still need to be very careful during the exam. This is to prevent making very costly mistakes that lead to failure.

Some tips for passing during a WAEC exam include:

Read the Instructions Before You Start Writing

The requirements of each subject and the sections within the paper are different. Reading the instructions given is the difference between passing or failing most time.

Understand What a Question Requires of You

Do not just attempt questions without reading them carefully and understanding what is expected of you. Understanding a question will help you remember the correct answers and the simple, most effective way to craft your answers.

Write Very Clearly.

The examiner who will mark your script is a human. As such, they are prone to not understanding handwriting that is not legible. 

Write clearly while attempting questions. Use capital letters where necessary. Carefully but clearly cancel out any error you make, and attempt new questions on fresh pages of your answer booklet.

Be Prompt to the Hall

Going early to the examination is very important as it helps you prepare and have the right frame of mind for the exam.

Review Your Work Before Submitting

Many students have failed because they did not take the time to review their work. Reviewing your work helps you spot mistakes and make the necessary corrections.

Material You Need to Pass WAEC This Year

The materials you will need to bang your WAEC this year are as important as the preparation you make for the examination.

These materials vary depending on the subject, but here is a list of the general materials you will require

  1. Pen/Biro
  2. Pencil
  3. Calculator
  4. Mathematical set
  5. Text Books
  6. Recommended Texts
  7. Notes from SS1-SS3


These are some tips on how to pass WAEC this year. As you will have noticed, they are very easy to practice. Therefore, you have no excuse for not passing your WAEC this year.

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