Investment Platforms In Nigeria 2022 [15 BEST LISTS]

Investment platforms in nigeria: Investing money is a great source of passive income. There are many investment opportunities in Nigeria and today we are going to discuss where to invest money in Nigeria. However in this article, we are going to list out the best investment platforms in Nigeria, legit investment platforms in Nigeria, genuine investment platforms in Nigeria, and online investment platforms in Nigeria.

online investment platforms in Nigeria

Whether we are employed or self-employed, we are all looking for ways to improve our saving habits while also maximizing our investments.

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Traditional methods of saving and investing are becoming obsolete. As we live in the 21st century, technology has given us a number of ways to invest our extra cash.

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If you live in Nigeria or you are a Nigerian living abroad, you already know that leaving your money in the bank will only reduce your savings, not increase them.

Online Investment Platforms In Nigeria

Why not use an online investment platforms in Nigeria to make money using technology?

By investing in one of the many online savings and investment platforms open to the public in Nigeria.

In this article, we take a look at the list of the top online investment platforms available in Nigeria to make more money.

That’s why in this article we provide safe tips for choosing the right investment platforms in nigeria.

Best Investment Platforms In Nigeria 2022

If you are thinking of investing in any profitable platform in Nigeria 2022 but you don’t know which company to choose to make extra money, here is a list of the most profitable investment platforms in Nigeria. Actually, before we dive into the investment platforms in Nigeria we have to know what investment is all about.

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What is Investment?

In layman’s terms, investing means putting your money there to earn you interest. However, investing is more than that, it involves investing your money in financial systems, real estate, stocks, etc hoping to make a profit from it. With the right investments, your money will grow and help you improve your standard of living.

Another thing to say here is that you need to do your own research before pursuing any financial investment platform in Nigeria 2022. But no more worries, we have complied the list of best investment platforms in nigeria in this article.

Top Investment Platforms In Nigeria


Payvest is an investment feature in the Pay Later application, an online loan platform that allows users to save and earn up to 15 percent interest per year, paid every three months. It works just like your regular time deposit in that you are not allowed to add a key once for a certain period of time. With a minimum investment of N50,000, consumers can lock their investment for a period of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

Important note: Paylater and Payvest have been renamed to Carbon. Carbon is an app that lets you control your finances with just a few clicks – save, invest and borrow. You can also fill talk time and pay bills with this one application.


This is one of the legit investment platforms in Nigeria, it allows you to automate your savings. You decide how you save and when you save, which can be daily, weekly or monthly. Linking your debit card to your Cowrywise account will automate your savings program.

Cowrywise pays interest between 10 and 15 percent per year on your savings, which is earned and credited to your account each day. You can withdraw from your savings at any time and also qualify for cheap Cowrywise loans.

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Download the Cowrywise app on play store or visit their website.


It was known as piggy bank before. It is the first and most popular savings and genuine investment platform in Nigeria. Their claim is to give Nigerians the power to manage their finances by making them more transparent.

You choose to regularly save as small or as large as possible – daily, weekly or monthly for specific goals, programs and projects and earn between 10 and 17 percent interest.

You can also lock your savings in Safe Lock for a certain period of time, which is equivalent to a fixed deposit account at a regular commercial bank.

You can save between N50 – N25,000 per day, N1,000 – N100,000 per week and N3,000 – N500,000 per month and with their quick save option you can add up to N500,000 to match your savings at any time On the road. Download Piggyvest app here on play store.


An online savings and investment platform designed to make saving easier, smarter, more convenient and safer. They use Paystack for all their payments and their funds are stored in FCMB.

Set your savings goals and work to achieve them every day, every week or every month. Withdrawals are made every three months and your money earns more interest than a regular bank savings account.

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Investment savings SmartSaver pays up to 30 percent annually, while their SuperSave product pays up to 8 percent annually and 2 percent quarterly.

SmartSaver users enjoy the benefits of getting unsecured loans from them.


This platform is operated by Wema Bank and is more than just a savings and investment platform. We are proud to be the first digital bank in Nigeria dedicated to democratizing banking services and making them accessible to everyone. With your phone, you can open an account and start an automated savings program that will pay you up to 10 percent a year, three times what banks pay their regulars in savings accounts.


This is also one of the best investment platforms in nigeria.It is a personal finance app that helps you develop financial discipline by tracking your income and expenses and helping you make smart money decisions. Forbes describes Reach as a Nigerian fintech that helps you save for life’s big moments.

Using an algorithm, the app tracks your SMS notifications and uses them to create detailed personal financial management information, giving you a breakdown of where your money is going each week, information about how you spend, and budgeting tools to help you reach your goals. financial goals.

The fintech company currently has 17 banks in Nigeria and Ghana. Download the Reach app from the Google Play Store.


Kudabank is also among the trusted investment platforms in Nigeria, it is probably the first digital bank in Nigeria to be licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria. It is a complete microfinance bank with a free digital platform that allows you to initiate and complete online banking transactions by writing lines on paper. In the Kudabank app you can save, invest and borrow money automatically. Becoming a microfinance bank means that their deposits are backed by the Nigerian Deposit Guarantee Corporation (NDIC).


An online savings and investment platform designed to help individuals and small businesses save, invest and borrow money at competitive interest rates. The platform has modules for different market segments: Cooperative Riby addresses the needs of cooperatives, associations and trade groups and supports them in managing membership fees, savings and loans; Riby Peer Lending, which enables peer-to-peer lending, and the Riby Saver app, which allows users to automate their savings.

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Fundall is a one-stop personal finance management app that lets you automate the planning and management of all your finances from a single app. With this app you can save, invest, borrow money, pay bills, and even buy insurance.

It is simply a personal finance management tool that gives you everything you need to build wealth and grow your business.

For more information visit their website here


A mobile application that allows you to save on planned goals for a certain period of time. With Kolopay you can share your savings goals with friends and family so they too become part of your plan and contribute to your goals. Your savings earn 6 percent interest per year.


If you’ve always wanted to play in the government bond market and were forced to, this mobile app will get you started quickly. I-invest helps consumers increase their savings and earn higher interest rates by purchasing Treasury bills wherever they are with the click of a button on their phone. The minimum investment is N100,000. Interest will accrue daily and at maturity the principal invested plus accrued interest will be credited to the bank account of your choosing.


SumoTrust is an online savings and investment platform that helps Africans improve their bad saving and investment habits.

If you need money to start a business, rent an apartment, buy a house, buy a car, shop, pay for college, etc.

SumoTrust helps you save money and work towards your investment goals.

Genuine investment platforms in Nigeria


The list of the best online investment platforms in Nigeria would not be complete without Bamboo.

Bamboo is a renowned investment company that offers unlimited access to more than 3,000 shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange from the comfort of your mobile phone.

You can top up your Bamboo Naira or Dollar wallet instantly and start investing without wasting any time. You can also expand your portfolio by purchasing an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund).

If you want to start investing in bamboo, you will need at least US$20 or the equivalent of naira.

However, remember that when investing in Naira, you can only withdraw to a Naira account, and when investing in USD, you can only withdraw to a USD account.

When signing up for a Bamboo account, you will be asked for your BVN along with a valid ID and utility bill

They accept Master and Visa cards as well as bank transfers as payment methods.

The Bamboo app has a simple design with built-in technology that lets you see a realistic view of your portfolio’s performance over time so you can update your strategy and learn over time.

You can also use the app to monitor your return on investment purchases.

Investment Protection Securities controls all Bamboo investments and all accounts are protected by the Federal Deposit Guarantee Corporation (FDIC) for $500,000.

genuine investment platforms in nigeria


RiseVest makes it easy to invest in assets denominated in different currencies around the world. It is also one of the legit investment platforms in Nigeria

You can invest in any of the well-managed assets with guaranteed returns of up to 14% and potential returns of up to 41% per annum.

Their most valuable assets include real estate, bonds, and stocks. Count on smart wealth management with RiseVest. With RiseVest your money is safe because it is monitored and controlled by ARM Trustee Ltd.

The platform includes a user-friendly interface with a built-in tracker that allows you to track your investments and monitor your performance in real-time.

You can also set investment goals with their app.

To get started with RiseVest, you need at least $10, then choose a plan and specify the duration of your investment.

All RiseVest accounts are encrypted using the same technology that banks use.

RiseVest is unique in that it offers free professional financial planning for your investments.


Trove is one of the most popular online investment platforms in Nigeria that allows you to invest in US, Asian and Nigerian stocks, bonds, ETFs and other instruments using your smartphone.

You can start your investment project with as little as $10. With Trove, you can make a one-time investment in publicly traded international stocks, bonds or commodities using a card payment card or bank transfer.

You can invest in Trove in naira or dollars. The dollar portfolio is designed to invest in foreign stocks while the Naira portfolio is designed to invest in local Nigerian companies.

To start Trove, you will need your BVN along with a valid driving license and utility bill.

When you open a brokerage account, you can start investing right away with over 4,000 shares in Trove.

Your money is safe with Trove.

Sigma Securities Ltd and ARM Securities Ltd, both SEC-licensed regulated brokerage firms, hold and manage all of Trove’s assets.

Trove has live stock indicators to help you identify investment options based on your account.

Their app also shows which stocks are rising in the news, on social media and elsewhere.

In addition, the app provides guidance and data to support decision making based on the company’s past performance, analyst opinions, and expected performance trends.

Advantages of Investment | Investment Platforms In Nigeria

Now that you have read about the investment platforms in Nigeria, you must have decided on which platform you want to invest in. But it is also essential to read about the advantages of Investment. Kindly proceed below to read the full importance of investment in Nigeria.

Long term return potential

While money is undoubtedly safer than stocks, it is unlikely to grow much or find opportunities for long-term growth.

Historically, investors have valued the long term with investments that come with some capital risk. This means the risk of losing some or all of the amount originally invested. Of course, this award is not guaranteed.

Stock market volatility, when stock prices change rapidly in a short period of time, is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, volatility can sometimes give investment managers the opportunity to buy attractive stocks at lower prices and earn better returns in the long run.

Outperform Inflation

For your savings to grow in real terms over time, they must generate an after-tax return that is greater than the inflation rate.

With today’s low interest rates, it can be difficult to find a savings account that gives you returns above current inflation. So, it’s good to think about investments that have the potential to outperform inflation.

online investment platforms in Nigeria

Provide Steady Income

If you are retired or about to retire, you may be looking for something that can provide you with a steady income to cover your day-to-day living expenses. There is no doubt that this investment platforms in nigeria post has helped you to make the right choice.

There are a number of investments, including stocks, bonds, and real estate, that can provide you with a steady income that is often higher than the inflation rate.

Best online investment platforms in nigeria

Tailor your changing needs

You or your investment manager can design your investment portfolio to help you achieve various goals throughout your life, such as: As you get older, you may prefer less risky options. With careful planning, you can adapt your portfolio to meet changing goals and priorities.

If you plan to invest for the long term, you may want to invest in funds with growth potential, riskier sectors such as emerging markets or private equity where your savings could face short-term market changes. As you approach retirement, you may want to invest in income-focused options.

Wrapping up the best Investment Platforms In Nigeria

While you have read about the investment platforms in Nigeria, you have to make sure you read any investment platform’s Terms and Conditions you want to use before you venture into it. However, I’m confident that this article has cleared the air about the best investment platforms in Nigeria 2022, legit investment platforms in Nigeria, online investment platforms in Nigeria, and, genuine investment platforms in Nigeria. If you have any question drop it in the comments section.

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