JAMB Registration 2023/2024 [All You Need To Know]

JAMB Registration 2023/2024: Welcome to WITSPOT.ORG, it is such an honor for you have landed on this page. In this post, you will read the full information about the JAMB registration in 2023. All details you regarding the 2023/2024 JAMB enrollment is dicussed on this page. The JAMB registration requirements, How much Is the JAMB 2023 registration form, Closing date, Recommended texts, Mock date, Examination date, and additional information.

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JAMB Registration 2023/2024 [All You Need To Know]

Every O-level student wants to enroll in a higher education facility, but doing so requires passing the yearly Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Examination. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, a national organization, is charged with the task of placing suitably qualified candidates in tertiary institutions. To this end, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board administers the annual Jamb examination; successful candidates are then offered admission to various institutions based on their pass mark.

It is advisable to read all aspects of this post. Do not skip any part, read all content so you can have a deep understanding of how JAMB registration 2023 will be.

Are you interested in pursuing higher education in a university, polytechnic, college of education, etc.? Then signing up for the JAMB 2023 exam is the best course of action for you. I am aware that you are wondering, “Is JAMB Registration Form 2023 released and for sale?” right now. Don’t worry! You’ve come to the ideal site to find accurate information about the JAMB registration deadline, application form, and all other registration-related details for the academic years 2023/2024.

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JAMB Registration 2023/2024 introduction continues below

Do you intend to take the JAMB UTME in 2023 or 2024? Afterward, see all the details you require on the JAMB registration form for 2023 in this post.

Moving forward, the 2022 JAMB UTME/DE examination is over, and the 2023 JAMB UTME/DE examination is currently being planned. Candidates who failed the previous JAMB exam and were not admitted into higher institutions are urged to enroll in the exam early and start studying for it on time in order to succeed.

Additionally, if you haven’t yet taken the JAMB UTME exam, you should be aware from your peers who have that it isn’t as simple as your typical Senior Secondary exam. Therefore, early planning is required to guarantee a successful outcome.

Beginning your JAMB preparations entails timely registration for the JAMB UTME exam. Is the JAMB form for 2023 available now? Learn more in this article!

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Is JAMB Form Out for 2023?

For 2022/2023 UTME and Direct Entry (De) candidates, the JAMB application is not yet formally available. The JAMB form 2022/2023 is therefore not yet accessible online at www.jamb.gov.ng.

In other words, neither the UTME form nor the portal are now available for purchase. Once the JAMB form is available, register right away to prevent traffic in the final hours. As soon as the form is available, we’ll update this page.

When will JAMB Registration For 2023 start?

The date for the commencement of JAMB registration is Saturday, 14th January to Tuesday, 14th February,
. The 14th of January 2023 has been set by JAMB as the latest start date for the sale of 2023–2024 UTME forms.

This indicates that JAMB registration for 2023 will officially begin on January 14, 2023, at www.jamb.gov.ng.

Direct Entry (DE) Registartion

Direct Entry (DE) application documents as the DE registration would commence from Monday, 20th February to Thursday, 20th April, 2022.

How Much Is the JAMB 2023 Registration Form?

The cost of the JAMB registration form for 2023 is simply 4,000 naira (N4,000). You will need to pay additional fees in order to get the registration form, though. The other fee is the seven hundred naira (or less) JAMB registration fee (N700). Therefore, the entire cost of the JAMB UTME registration form is just 4,700 naira (N4,700).

Cost of the JAMB UTME Registration Form by Category:

  1. JAMB PIN for registration: N3,500
  2. JAMB’s suggested novel is N500.
  3.  N1000 is the registration fee at CBT approved Centres.
  4. Amount: N4,700
  5. Note: All UTME applicants must register for their exams at one of the certified JAMB centers located all over the country. All registrations made at facilities without accreditation are invalid. When Will the JAMB Exam for 2023 Begin?

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has set the beginning date for the JAMB UTME exam for 2023 as May 6th, 2023. The 2023 JAMB UTME exam will therefore start on May 6 at all JAMB-approved CBT centers nationwide. You might be writing your JAMB UTME exam on this day, so keep this date in mind.

NOTE: There will be a 4-week registration period.

Are you an aspiring candidate? Then enT register right away! Candidates are urged to register at any JAMB-accredited CBT Center nationwide for their own benefit.

It’s fortunate for you that we are here to help you navigate the JAMB registration procedure because it can occasionally be challenging and complicated.

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Closing Date For JAMB Registration 2023/2024

The deadline and closing date for UTME registration is on Saturday,14th February, 2023. [SUBJECTED TO CHANGE]

This indicates that JAMB has set the deadline date for 2023/2024 UTME registration as 14th February, 2023.

What Do I Need to Register for JAMB 2023?

Candidates must possess the following in order to be qualified for the JAMB UTME exam in 2023:

  • Active Personal telephone
  • National Identification Number Active/New Email (NIN)
  • build your JAMB profile
  • Record biodata, O/A level results, JAMB forms, and E-pin payment slips.

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NIN Update for JAMB Candidate 2023

The National Identity Number (NIN) has been made a necessary condition for the JAMB registration procedure by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB). Candidates for the next Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination who do not have a National Identity Number (NIN) will no longer be registered by JAMB (UTME).

You must have a printed copy of or a PVC of your National Identification Number (NIN) in order to participate in the JAMB UTME 2023 exam.

Right now, obtain your National Identification Number (NIN). from any of the many centers across the country. Registration for the NIN is totally free!

How to Register for JAMB 2023/2024 Easily

You must have the following papers and documentation in order to register for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Examination, which includes:

  1. Personal email address
  2. Mobile phone number
  3. JAMB profile access.

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JAMB Eligible Institutions

Online access to the list of JAMB-eligible institutions or institution categories will be made available.

  • National First Degree Diploma (ND)
  • Programs for the Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE) and the National Innovation Diploma (NID)
  • Bachelor’s degree In Universities \sMonotechnics \sPolytechnics \sInnovation Enterprise Institutes \sColleges of Education.

JAMB ePIN registration payment

Visit any nationwide CBT center that has received accreditation with your identification, profile, and receipt for payment. You will receive the required reading text and lesson CD FREE of charge from the CBT centers or the JAMB State Office; the materials provided will include:

  • E-brochure with entrance requirements that lists higher institutions and the courses they provide.
  • Examination course syllabus (e-syllabus).
  • Detailed directions for completing the application form.
  • JAMB Registrar Is-haq Olanrewaju Oloyede’s video message, as well as a demonstration of how to use eight (8) keys instead of a mouse for the UTME exam. (For applicants who struggle with computers.)
  • Each candidate must complete the online application form by entering the necessary information, including their name, email address, L.G.A., academic background, etc.
  • At the CBT centers, candidates’ biometric data and pictures will be taken and uploaded.
  • It is required to provide the candidates’ O level and/or A level grades. As soon as the results are released, those who are awaiting them should post them online on JAMB’s platform.
  • At the conclusion of registration, each Candidate is required to pick up his or her e-slip as proof of registration.
  • For this year’s Jamb registration process, there won’t be any offline registration options. Every accredited CBT center has been given the ability to accept real-world online registrations.

NOTE: Only authorized CBT and JAMB State offices may register candidates. Anyone who registers for the election outside of the authorized centers will be disqualified.

JAMB Registration 2023/2024 [All You Need To Know]

Step-by-step instructions for the JAMB registration 2023/2024

Step 1: Create a profile

Candidates must text their names (Surname, First Name, Middle Name) to 55019 using their personal cellphone number. The text must be no more than 40 characters and may only have two spaces between the names. Aminu Bolaji Okechukwu N/B. First and last names must be included.

Your own mobile number must be entered when creating your profile. The candidate’s cellphone number will be automatically associated with his or her name and used in all correspondence regarding the candidate’s 2021 JAMB application and examination. A 10-character Profile Code will be emailed to the provided mobile number. Npower employment

Step 2: Correction of errors/Loss of Code:

Simply text (CORRECT Surname First-Name Middle-Name) to 55019 from your personal cellphone number using the first time to fix any spelling or grammatical errors in the candidate’s name.

Simply text (RESEND) to 55019 from the same cellphone number to get a lost Profile Code back.

Step 3: Get your JAMB ePin at the designated Selling Points – ePIN outlets include:

NIPOST, Access Bank, Ecobank, First Bank, FCMB, Fidelity Bank, JAIZ Bank, Skye Bank, Sterling Bank, Union Bank, Unity Bank, Zenith Bank, FUD Microfinance Bank, and Regent Microfinance Bank are just a few of the financial institutions we work with.

Additionally, any of the four mobile money operators—Paga, e-Tranzact (PocketMoni), TEASYPay, and Packway Projects—can provide you with your JAMB ePIN (Readycash).

These online payment services, SystemSpecs (Remita) and InterSwitch (Quickteller)POS, also provide access to the JAMB ePIN (Citi-Serve).

Abidjan, Accra, Addis Abeba, Buea, Cotonou, Jeddah, Johannesburg, and London are additional locations where Nigerian embassies are located.

Step 4: Duties of Participating Banks/Outlets:

gathering the candidate’s profile code from their phone

  • Payment collection and sending of the ePIN to the candidate’s phone via SMS
  • Show proof of payment (receipt)
  • Collection of Center Service Fees, upon CBT Center request.

Step 5: Obtaining an ePIN for Registration Using Various Payment Methods:

  1. Payment Through Banks (Including Micro Finance Banks) – Show the bank of your choosing your Profile Code and make a cash or credit card payment. Your personal cellphone number will receive a message with your ePIN.
  2. Payment Through POS – This service is offered at all JAMB State Offices and CBT Centers. Your ePIN is then sent to your personal phone when you enter your Profile Code and make a credit card payment.
  3. Mobile money payments are accepted at all authorized CBT Centers and other outlets. Simply show your profile code and make a cash payment to receive your ePIN on your personal cellphone number.
  4. Payment by ATM – All ATMs of the banks that have already been listed accept this form of payment. Select JAMB under Bill Payment. To pay, enter your profile code. Your personal mobile number will receive your ePIN.
  5. Payment using the JAMB Portal: Go to the JAMB website: gov.ng. Click on “Purchase of 2021 Application Document” after scrolling through. After you enter your profile code and choose your payment option (InterSwitch or Remita), your ePIN will be sent to your cell phone.
  6. USSD-based payment (NIBSS/ERCAS). To make a payment, just dial 5656*55019#, enter your profile code, choose your bank, and follow the on-screen directions. Your ePIN will be sent to your personal cellphone number once payment has been received. USD/NGN exchange rate.

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Step 6: How to Recover your Lost ePIN after Payment:

If you’ve forgotten your JAMB ePIN, just text “UTMEPIN” or “DEPIN” from your personal mobile number to 55019 for UTME or DE, accordingly. Then, your personal mobile number would receive a retrieval and transmission of your JAMB ePIN.

Step 7: Registration Process at accredited CBT Centers:

To finish registration, candidates must show their PIN at any certified CBT Center.

NOTE: Only register at a JAMB State office or a CBT center that has been granted accreditation. Candidates who register outside of the authorized centers will be found and eliminated.

Step 8: Foreign Centers Registration Procedure:

The application form must be downloaded from the JAMB website, www.jamb.gov.ng, filled out, and submitted at one of the designated locations indicated on the websites by candidates from the eight international nations. Candidates from the eight international nations must pay $20 to register.

NOTE: JAMB will not assign a candidate to an examination town they did not select when registering. Candidates are urged to register as soon as possible to prevent having their preferred location unavailable.

JAMB Registration 2023/2024 [All You Need To Know]

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Additional information About JAMB registration 2023/2024

  • For JAMB registration, the National Identification Number (NIN) is now required.
  • Without preparation, you cannot pass the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).
  • Four thousand seven hundred naira is the official registration fee for the UTME (N4,700).
  • If you prepare well, the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is not tough, and you will pass JAMB with distinction.
  • Regardless of your degree of study, all candidates will be examined on a common text “The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli” is the JAMB novel for 2023/2024.
  • Before getting the ePIN from the approved Banks or CBT centers, all applicants must first create a JAMB profile with their own mobile number.
  • There is no refund for the JAMB registration cost.
  • The maximum registration price that JAMB-accredited facilities may charge is seven hundred naira (700).
  • Any JAMB facility that charges more than Seven Hundred Naira (#700) must be immediately notified to JAMB for the proper punishments to be applied.
  • The participating banks, MMOs, MFBs, and other organizations have been instructed to choose any of the JAMB CBT centers.
  • All transaction fees will be collected by these financial institutions. No CBT center employees are permitted to deal with cash with applicants.
  • Candidates are strongly advised to read and comprehend the rules and procedures for completing the JAMB registration process 2022.
  • It is not permitted to register more than once. Multiple-profile candidates will be found and disqualified.
    Candidates are advised that this exercise may only be completed at certified CBT Centers. Avoid using any other cybercafés or businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions about JAMB Registration 2023/2024

This aspect is all about the FAQs about the JAMB registration 2023.

How many years can I use my JAMB?

JAMB results are currently valid for one year.

Can I use JAMB for two years?

“The majority of universities worldwide value such tests for at least five years. But in Nigeria, the JAMB exam is only good for one attempt; if you don’t pass, you must retake it.

Do JAMB’s questions cycle through each year?

You should be aware that JAMB occasionally asks the same questions, usually from their own question banks that you won’t have access to.

Do I require JAMB every time?

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board must be used for all admissions to part-time programs (JAMB).

How many hours do JAMB gives?

All of the exam questions for the four registered subjects must be answered or attempted during this allotted time. Every UTME candidate is required to complete all 180 questions, including 60 in English and 40 in each of the other three topics, in the allotted 2 hours.

Does JAMB allow late registration?

All candidates who wish to register for the 2022 UTME/DE are therefore recommended to do so as soon as possible because there will be no extension after registration closes.

How many times can I register for JAMB?

In other words, you can register for Jamb in 2023 and then opt to re-register in 2022; there is no crime in doing so. However, if you mean enrolling for two Jamb in the same year, then NO.

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Wrapping Up JAMB Registration 2023/2024

Again, JAMB registration form 2023/2024 is not out yet. However, this page will be updated immediately the Board releases the form. You are advised to subscribe to our website below to get notified when it is out.

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