LASU School fees 2022/2023 [UP-TO-DATE]

LASU School fees 2022/2023 [UP-TO-DATE]

Today we are dealing with this topic: LASU school fees for all courses. Are you a new student. Do you ask questions such as LASU school fees for freshers 2022? Many students at the Lagos state university LASU are eager for guidance on school fees. Well, today we are going to look at fixed LASU school fees, acceptance fees, part-time fees, and postgraduate fees.

LASU School fees 2022/2023

Knowing the school fees for an institution is the first thing that needs to be done for many things. Reason: If you apply to a school that your parents cannot reach, how will you pay all the fees? A student who has applied to an institution such as LASU must take tuition fees into consideration.

Let’s take a look at the topics we’ll cover today:

LASU school fees for freshers 2022, LASU Postgraduate school fees, LASU Part time school fees, and Unilag LASU fees in general.

These are the three most important fees at LASU. So, without spending a lot of time, let’s start with the LASU school fees for freshers 2021.

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LASU Post UTME Form 2022/2023

LASU school fees 2022/2023

LASU School Fees 2022/2023 For New And Returning Students | Faculty of Social Sciences 
Industrial relations and personnel managementN113,250
Business Administration…N113,250
Mass Communication and JournalismN113,250
Political ScienceN113,250
Social WorksN113,250
Public and international affairsN113,250
Transport Planning and Management…N113,250
Faculty of Law 
Commercial and Industrial Law…N115,750
Public Law…N115,750
Islamic LawN115,750
Private and Property Law…N115,750
Legal Studies…N115,750
Jurisprudence and International Law…N115,750
Faculty of Arts 
English LanguageN113,250
English LiteratureN113,250
Linguistics, African and AsianN113,250
Creative Art: Visual ArtsN113,250
Creative Art: Theatre ArtsN113,250
Creative Art: MusicN113,250
European Languages (French and Russian)
Faculty of Engineering 
Chemical and Polymer EngineeringN115,750
Electronic and Computer EngineeringN115,750
Mechanical EngineeringN115,750
Faculty of Education 
Guidance and Counseling.N113,250
Adult Education Management.N113,250
Adult Education.N113,250
Adult Literacy and Non Formal Education.N113,250
Biology Education.N113,250
Chemistry Education.N113,250
Integrated Science Education.N113,250
Social Studies Education.N113,250
Geography Education.N113,250
History Education.N113,250
Human Kinetics and Health Education.N113,250
Exercise Physiology.N113,250
Sports Administration/Management.N113,250
Home Economics EducationN113,250
Technology EducationN113,250
Business EducationN113,250
English EducationN113,250
English Literature EducationN113,250
French Education.N113,250
Yoruba Education.N113,250
Christian Religious Studies.N113,250
Islamic Studies Education.N113,250
Religious Education.N113,250
Curriculum Theory.N113,250
Educational Administration and Planning.N113,250
Education Psychology.N113,250
Physiology of Education.N113,250
Sociology of Education.N113,250
Faculty of Sciences 
Fishery SciencesN115,750
Mathematics and StatisticsN115,750
Computer ScienceN115,750
School Of Basic Medical Sciences (BMS) 
School of Clinical Sciences 
Medicine and SurgeryN115,750

LASU postgraduate school fees

The Lagos State University, Lasu school fee for all courses is N150,000 for the session, and the fee of subsequent sessions is hundred thousand Naira only (N100,000).

  • LASU acceptance fee for fresh students is N30,000
  • Examination, ID Card, Prospectus, Project Supervision, Medical fees amount – N46,500.00
  • Development Levy amount is N40,000.00
  • LASU school fees for freshers and returning students.
  • Faculty of Social sciences- N113,250
  • Faculty of Law- N115,750
  • Faculty of Social sciences- N113,250
  • Engineering- N115,750
  • Education- N113,250
  • Sciences- N115,750
  • School of Clinical Sciences- N115,750
  • School Of Basic Medical Sciences – N115,750

Conclusion on LASU school fees

LASU is a popular university in Nigeria. Is an institution that has a healthy and clean environment; experienced and trained lecturers; quality and comfortable classrooms; and top-class security.

As many LASU alumni have often said, it is an honor and a great honor to be a part of the history of the institution. You too can share the same thoughts by applying for admission to this great institution now that have you have known a lot of information about the school.

If there is any question regarding LASU school fees 2022/2023, drop it in the comment section.

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