Management Science at UCSD Major [Requirements]

Management Science at UCSD Major: On this page, I will discuss about Management Science in University of California San Diego (UCSD). Moving forward, you will also be presented about the requirements, and additional information about course.

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Management Science at UCSD Major [Requirements]

Management Science

Management science, sometimes known as managerial science (MS), is a broad and interdisciplinary study of how institutions, organizations, governments, and other forms of organizational entities solve difficult problems and make strategic decisions. It has a close connection to other subjects like management, economics, business, engineering, and management consulting. In order to increase an organization’s capacity to make rational and accurate management decisions, it employs a variety of scientific research-based ideas, strategies, and analytical techniques, such as mathematical modeling, statistics, and numerical algorithms.

Additional information about Management Science at UCSD Major

A maximum of six upper-division courses from outside UC San Diego may be completed in order to get a bachelor of science in management science.

Note: F-1 students majoring in EN26 are qualified to apply for STEM OPT and to extend the benefits of employment authorization. For those in STEM-qualified fields, the current F-1 laws provide for 12 months of OPT and an extra 24 months (for a total of 36 months) of OPT. To find out more, go to the OPT website.

All students must have a major GPA of at least 2.0 in order to graduate as of FA17.

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Requirements for Management Science at UCSD Major

Effective FA19 all majors in the Department of Economics are no longer capped. To become one of our
majors, students simply need to select the major using the Major/Minor Tool on TritonLink. All major
requirements must be taken for letter grade and passed with a C- or better, unless otherwise noted. Students
must have a minimum 2.0 major GPA, in order to graduate.


Calculus & Linear Algebra: Math 20A_____ Math 20B_____ Math 20C_____ Math 18 (formerly 20F) _ Micro/Macro: Econ 1_ Econ 3_____
Financial Accounting: Econ 4 or MGT 4 _ UPPER DIVISION CORE Econometrics: Econ 120A_ Econ 120B_____ Econ 120C_____
Microeconomics: Econ 100A_____ Econ 100B_____ Econ 100C_____
Decisions Under Uncertainty: Econ 171_____
Operations Research: Econ 172A_____ (FA & WI only) Econ 172B_____ (WI & SP only)
Finance: Econ 173A_____ (FA & WI only) Econ 173B_____ (WI & SP only)


Two courses from the following: Econ 103, 105, 109, 113, 121, 122, 125, 137, 150, 151, 152, 174, 176, 178 and Math 194
(please refer to course description for prerequisite information).


Two upper division Economics courses from Econ 100-199 (Not to include 191A/B if you are attempting Honors with Highest Distinction)


• Upper Division Major GPA of 3.5 or higher


• Two honors sections from the following: Econ 100AH, 100BH, 100CH, 120AH, 120BH, 120CH. Honors
sections may be taken concurrently, or after successful completion of the designated core course, with
A– or better or consent of instructor.
• Senior Essay Seminar courses Econ 191A & Econ 191B (admission by application)
• Upper Division Major GPA of 3.5 or higher and GPA of 3.5 or higher in two completed honors sections and Econ
191A & Econ 191B.

UCSD Management Science Degrees Available

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Management Science
  • Master’s Degree in Management Science

Rankings for management science at UCSD

The management science program at UCSD is compared to programs at other schools and institutions in the rankings below from College Factual.

It’s important to keep in mind that rankings don’t always provide a whole picture of a school’s strengths and limitations, so it’s wise to do more research and consider additional criteria before deciding if the school is the ideal fit for you.

Focus of the Major

  • Applied economics quantitative major with a management emphasis.
  • Establishes a foundation for the best distribution of finite resources across commercial and state entities.
  • covers some of the functional areas of business management, but the emphasis on the degree is more on quantitative approaches than it would be in a standard business administration major.
  • Aids in getting students ready for MBA programs.

Learning Objectives

  • Students who major in management science will be qualified to:
  • Apply the formal procedures that statisticians use to examine data in order to get knowledge of the real world
    Regression is used to infer causal linkages, fundamental econometric techniques are used to quantify uncertainty with confidence intervals, and regressions are used to make predictions.
  • Critically evaluate empirical research
  • Create, resolve, and evaluate multi-constraint optimization models.
  • Apply optimization models to the theories of the customer, producer, and market.
  • Use game theory to analyze the strategic behavior of individuals and firms
  • Value various financial assets and liabilities in the face of uncertainty
  • Convert an economic issue into a suitable mathematical model, describe the approach taken to solve the issue, and analyze the economic implications of the mathematical solutions.

Wrapping Up Management Science at UCSD Major

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