May Intake Universities in UK 2023-2024

May Intake Universities in UK 2023-2024: It is established that the May intake is an alternative start date employed by some Universities in the United Kingdom. 

This intake Option is so rare in most UK Universities but it is adopted by some Universities in the Country as an alternative to the well-known traditional September/October intake. 

Here are January Intake Universities in UK

This option allows students who miss the September or January intake deadlines or those who want to take a break before starting their studies to begin their studies in May. 

Going on, May intake programs are available at undergraduate, postgraduate, and research levels, and offer a range of subjects across various Universities in the UK. 

This May Admission Intake paves the way for Students and applicants to have more flexibility in planning their academic year and can choose a schedule that best suits their needs. We will take you through the technical run of our lists of May Intake Universities in UK.

Lists Of May Intake Universities in UK

  • University of Roehampton
  • Cranfield University
  • Kingston University
  • University of Greenwich
  • Bedfordshire University
  • BPP University 

University of Roehampton 

The University of Roehampton is one of the few UK Famous Universities today that has adopted the May Admission intake. 

Originally, the University is known to run two admissions yearly, the January intake and the September. Recently, the University came to terms to include a third admission Intake into its curriculum which is the May Intake, particularly for PhD Students. 

Going on, even though Roehampton University is one of the post-1990 Established Institutions in the country, it is a member of the European University Association and has earned its place amongst top Universities with rigorous Academics. 

Applications for the September intake typically open in early September of the previous year and close in mid-January and for the January intake, applications usually open in early October and close in early December. 

However, May Intake consistently opens in early May and closes around July to August, this gives an edge to graduates who are willing to run their Ph.D. in the Institution. 

To talk of the Institution’s academic faculty, we have it that Roehampton’s academic faculties are few due to the fact it has not aged. The Institution has the Faculty of Business and Law, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Life and Health Sciences, and Faculty of Psychology. 

Cranfield University

Cranfield is another Notable University in the UK that runs the May Intake admission process in addition to its yearly intake.  

The University offers a range of courses and programs with different intakes, including a May intake for some courses, particularly for a Master’s degree. 

According to research, the May Intake is only available to Masters Students while January and September Intake are the only two options available to Undergraduate students. Just like any other institution, The admission process for the May intake courses is similar to the admission process for the September and January intake. 

In addition, the May Intake is specific to some courses as well for masters students as the institution partitions its various programs. The following are May Intake courses for Masters at the University. 

  • Aerospace Dynamics MSc
  • Aerospace Vehicle Design MSc
  • Computational and Software Techniques in Engineering MSc
  • Design of Rotating Machines MSc
  • Engineering and Management of Manufacturing Systems MSc
  • Environmental Management for Business MSc. 

Kingston University

Kingston University is a reputable Institution in the United Kingdom with a long history of providing quality education. The University is also noted for its adoption of the May Intake Admission process specifically for some courses. 

Note that the admission process for the May intake is similar to the September and January intakes, but there may be fewer courses available, and the application deadline may be earlier. 

Generally, Kingston University offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses across different faculties, including Arts and Social Sciences, Business and Law, Health, Education and Life Sciences, Science, Engineering, and Computing. 

Since the time frame for the May Intake Admission is limited, It’s said to be often competitive, we recommend you apply as early as possible.

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University of Greenwich 

The University of Greenwich is that famous University in the UK known for efficiency and transparency in its Admission process. Over the years, the university has evolved its admission process to meet the changing needs of its diverse student population. 

The University of Greenwich is also one of the few institutions in the UK that have adopted a May Intake Admission process for its Applicants summing its admission intake into three. First is the September intake, the January and an additional intake which is the May Intake. 

This opportunity is given to Applicants to provide additional advantages to get admitted into the Institution. Generally, The University of Greenwich offers various undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs to students from around the world. 

Going back in time, The University of Greenwich has a rich history dating back to the 19th century. Over the years, the University has undergone significant changes in its admission policies and processes. 

Bedfordshire University 

Bedfordshire University is another well-positioned UK institution that Consistently attracts and impresses students from around the world with its outstanding admission Intakes. 

Originally, the University admission intake is partitioned into four; The January intake, the May Intake, the summer intake, and the September intake. 

All these admission intakes are attributed to their specific purpose or let’s say reasons. We have it that the January intake is specifically available for a limited number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, mainly in the Business and Management faculty.

Talking about the May intake, This intake is primarily for international students, with a limited number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses available. The summer intake is the short-term intake for students who wish to undertake summer school programs or short courses during the summer months. 

And lastly, the September intake is the main intake for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, with most courses starting in September.

BPP University 

BPP University’s flexible admission process and multiple admission intakes make it an attractive option for students who want to study professional and business courses in the UK.

BPP University was established in 1976 as Brierley Price Prior (BPP), a legal training firm, and was granted a degree awarded the status in 2007 while it was still a BPP University College. It was not until 2010 that the institution was renamed BPP University. 

The University also adopts the May Intake Admission process amongst several options of Intakes adopted by the University. 

In the University, January intake is the main intake for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, with most courses starting in January. The September intake is available for a limited number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, mainly in the Business and Law faculties.

However, the May Intake is targeted towards only international students as the institution has placed careful measures in its admission processes to avoid ambiguity. 

Which intake is best for UK?

Generally, the January intake is the most popular and main intake in several UK Universities. To now perceive it as the best intake is a very sensitive decision, to choose the best intake for UK Universities, a review should be done about Intakes corresponding to each University. 

Do UK universities have May intake?

May intake is the least popular intake in the country. Yet, most UK Universities adopt the process but it is only targeted towards a few courses and circumstances. We have it in our report that most May Intakes in UK Universities are targeted toward International Students, Master’s degree and Ph.D. programs. 

Wrapping Up May Intake Universities in UK

I’m confident that this post has given you all the information you need to know about May Intake Universities in UK 2023-2024. Kindly note that the information provided in this content is subject to change; however, we will keep updating this content if there is a need to. 

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