METI Japan Internship Program 2024/2025

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METI Japan Internship Program 2024/2025

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Scholarship Description

  • Classification: Postgraduate
  • Organization: METI Japan Internship Program
  • country: in Japan 
  • Study program: null
  • State of Origin: null
  • Gender: male and female

The METI Japan Internship System’s Objectives and Benefits

  • Training asylum (insurance)
  • The satellite office’s PC, Lan, WIFI settings, and office phone. (The intern is responsible for covering his or her own mobile phone expenses.
  • The daily allowance of 1200 yen per day (to cover costs for meals, beverages, and transportation from your house to the Satellite Office) will be paid in local currency.
  • If there are few interns or holders of internships who have training allowance, it is added to all of them.
  • The internet will also receive a housing allowance.
  • A complimentary flight is also provided for internet users.
  • Additionally, a transportation allowance is applied for travel within the nation.

Qualifications for the METI Japan Internship Program 2024/2025

Skilled experts are required, however they cannot be citizens of some nations, such as Japan or those on the DAC List of the OECD (Excluding China).

Applicants must fulfill each of the requirements stated below.

  • In agreement with the program’s goals and prepared to collaborate with Japanese enterprises to promote internationalization, foreign business development, and links with foreign colleges, among other things.
  • the owner of nationality from a designated qualified country or region.
  • Candidates who can complete the internship at one of the offices designated as a Satellite Office. (5 days per week from Monday until Friday)
  • Japanese language proficiency required (JLPT N3) or proficient in English.
  • By October 15th, 2020, candidates must be older than 40 or younger than 20.
  • Candidates must provide an official letter of recommendation from the university, business, or other institution they are enrolled or graduated from, as well as a certificate of enrollment or graduation from a school or university.
  • being able to exhibit several certificates of certification
  • capable of taking part in the necessary training and working with the approved Satellite Office.
  • Participation in an internship is contingent to the schedule established by the Program Office’s appointments.
  • Ability to strive for effective communication, as is possible when working remotely, and compliance with any additional unique standards imposed by each business.
  • Those that haven’t participated in this program from FY2016 through FY2019.

The primary tasks of interns

  • Creating an intern’s plan (intern’s roles, goals, etc.) conversing with the internship coordinator
  • Taking part in both pre-course and post-course training. final meetings.
  • Internships last for a predetermined period of time.
  • When working remotely, make sure to use effective communication as often as you can.
  • Fully accountable for their safety and health. Make frequent contact with the host organization and the program office, and don’t hesitate to report to or consult with them.
  • Being expected to perform specific responsibilities (document notification, document, and report) as desired by the program office not only during but also after your internship.
  • When you are an official public fund obtained from the Japanese government, you must act appropriately.

Date, Method, and Venue of Interview for METI Japan Internship Program

  1. Analyzing the data on the application form is how screening is carried out. It will depend on the intern’s skills, job history, and abilities, as well as on how well they comprehend the goals of the program and any other stipulations put forth by the hosting organization.
  2. Document screening, a main interview in one of the candidates’ native languages, English, or Japanese, and a secondary interview in one of those languages will be used for selection.
  3. Separate submissions are required for various certifications of language proficiency or academic credentials, including letters of recommendation, pictures, and more.
  4. The Program Office will build up optimal matching to prioritize combinations most likely to accomplish the objectives of the program in accordance with registration information and the outcomes of the interviews and interviews.
  5. The Program Office will let applicants for internships and host companies know the outcomes of the matching. Matches are accepted if a consensus has been obtained.
  6. A cancellation cannot be made at the employee’s or the company’s discretion once a match has been made.
  7. A letter of acceptance is provided to the intern and host organization following the Screening Committee’s approval. As a result of this announcement, both the host company and the intern will start making arrangements for an internship at the same time.

Application Procedure for METI Japan Internship Program

Are you qualified and interested? Apply at for the METI Japan Internship Program.

Online registration is accepted by filling out the registration forms available on the Program Office website.

Document screening, a primary interview in one of the candidate’s native tongue, English, or Japanese, and a secondary interview in one of those languages are used for selection.

Different documentation (qualification from a university, language proficiency, etc.), letters of recommendation, and images must be submitted separately throughout the selection process.

Application Deadline for the government of METI Japan Internship Program

The closing date for METI Japan Internship Program is October 15, 2022.




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