NUN School fees For Freshers 2023/2024 [TOTAL BREAKDOWN]

NUN School Fees For freshers 2023/2024, How to pay NUN school fees/acceptance fees how much is Nile University of Nigeria school fees for indigene, how much is NUN school fees for non indigene, and Additional information.

Are you searching for NUN school fees for fresher 2022? If so, this article is really meant for you. WITSPOT.ORG.NG will provide you with all answers you need regarding the school fees for NUN for 2023/2024.

NUN School Fees for Fresher 2022

NUN School fees for freshers and returning students. Regarding the School fees for freshers, NUN Management has announced the amount that must be paid as School fees for freshers and returning students of the institution.

Students who have been admitted to Nile University of Nigeria (NUN) for 2023/2024 admission programme and those who have chosen NUN as their first choice of institution during JAMB Registration for the 2023/2024 academic session can continue to read this article to know how much is NUN school fees for freshers/returning students.

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How Much is NUN School fees for Freshers/Returning Students 2023/2024

It is essential to read this article to the end especially if you are still an aspirant waiting for admission. Knowing the School fees for Nile University of Nigeria in 2023/2024 before the commencement of admission is the best because it will prepare you ahead of any financial issue you might encounter in the future.

How much is NUN school fees for Freshers?

However, we will mainly focus on NUN school fees for freshers and returning students as the financial strength of you as well as your parents/guardians must be considered before thinking about choosing a school.

NUN school fees for Indigene

A lot of freshers in NUN are still interested in knowing the amount of school fees the indigene of Kwara State in NUN will pay. But here I will clarify it to you shortly. Nile University of Nigeria school fees for indigene is same as non indigene. Which exactly means that NUN does not distinguish between Indigene and Non indigene in terms of school fees. The school fees listed below is what the Indigenous people of Kwara State and non Indigenous people of Kwara State will pay. 

NUN school fees for Non Indigene

Non Indigenous people of Kwara State do not have different schedules for school fees in NUN, they will pay the exact amount the Indigene will pay. Which means that, there is no separate school fees schedule for non Indigene in NUN.


NOTE: The school fees for each course may change this year, this will serve as awareness of what to expect this year regarding the NUN school fees for fresher.

The amount of school fees of NUN for each department is highlighted below;

Nile University School Fees

Note to Phone users: for better viewing with a phone, swipe left to see all the details in the table below:

CourseFee Per SemesterFee Per Session
Medicine & Surgery₦2,875,000₦5,750,000
Human Anatomy₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Human Physiology₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Public Health₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Bachelor of Law (LLB)₦1,400,000₦2,800,000
Computer Engineering₦1,300,000₦2,600,000
Electrical & Electronics Engineering₦1,300,000₦2,600,000
Civil Engineering₦1,300,000₦2,600,000
Petroleum & Gas Engineering₦1,300,000₦2,600,000
Chemical Engineering₦1,300,000₦2,600,000
Mechanical Engineering​​₦1,300,000₦2,600,000
Mechatronics –NEW₦1,300,000₦2,600,000
Architecture –NEW₦1,300,000₦2,600,000
Software Engineering₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Information Technology₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Computer Science₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Cyber Security –NEW₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Banking & Finance₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Business Administration₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Public Administration₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Estate Management –NEW₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
English Language & Comm. Studies₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Mass Communication₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Criminology and Security Studies₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Political Science & International Relations₦1,200,000₦2,400,000
Psychology –NEW₦1,200,000₦2,400,000

*NOTE: Fees only cover tuition, accommodation is not included.

Additional information you still need to know about NUN School fees 2023/2024

However, as a prospective and new student of Nile University of Nigeria NUN it is advisable for you to stay updated on our website about the NUN school fees for freshers and returning students as the amount scheduled for the school fees may change at any time.

How to pay for NUN acceptance fees on school website

Carefully follow the guidelines below to pay for NUN acceptance fees on the school website.

NUN school fees, and acceptance fees are paid through the school portal at with Remita or at a bank approved by NUN.

Note: You should never pay acceptance fees or transfer your acceptance fees to someone you don’t know. If you are still confused about how to pay the NUN acceptance fee, then, I recommend visiting the campus and learn more from the staff to avoid any form of mistakes during payment processing.

Wrapping Up NUN School fees for freshers 2023/2024

That is all the information about Nile University of Nigeria school fees for both returning and fresh students. If there is any question regarding NUN school fees, drop it in the comment section.

However, this article can answer the search queries such as: How much is NUN school fees 2023/2024, NUN School Fees for freshers 2023/2024, and Nile University of Nigeria school fees for returning students 2023/2024.

If there is any question regarding NUN school fees for freshers 2023/2024 school session. Please leave your questions in the comments section below and let us know if you have any problems paying the NUN school fees for the 2023/2024 school session.

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