Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2023/2024 [APPLY HERE]

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Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2023/2024 [APPLY HERE]


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About Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2023

The Ontario government and Ontario universities work together to support the top students enrolled in master’s and doctoral-level graduate programs each academic year. The Ontario Graduate Scholarship is worth USD 3,775 each term.

  • Students in all academic fields are eligible for 22 merit-based scholarships from the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS).
  • The quantity of OGS prizes that will be given out annually is determined by the province and distributed to Canadian universities.
  • Each university’s graduate unit oversees the application process and application evaluation.
  • A minimum of two terms and a maximum of three terms may be awarded under the scholarship program.
  • Selection criteria include things like academic quality, potential for future research, leadership qualities, etc.
  • The Government of Ontario contributes two-thirds of the grant value of the 15000 CAD total scholarship, with the university covering the remaining one-third. The Ontario Graduate Scholarship is only valid at the institution to which it was given; it cannot be transferred.

Highlights of Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Scholarship TypeMerit-Based, College-Specific
Offered byGovernment bodies
OrganizationProvince of Ontario
Application Deadline.N/A
No. of Scholarships22
RenewabilityOne Time Payment
International Students EligibleYes
Scholarship Website LinkN/A

Eligibility Criteria for Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2023/2024

The Ontario government and the participating Ontario universities jointly oversee the Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program. The Province sets the deadline for applications, which varies depending on the university.


The Ontario Graduate Scholarships are open to both native and foreign students. According to the requirements, the applicant must:

a citizen or permanent resident of Canada at the time the application was submitted
a foreign student with a current study permit from Canada who is enrolled in a university in Ontario.
Notably, applicants for this award must be students who are covered by section 95(2) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada).

Academic Requirements for Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2023/2024

The following academic prerequisites must be met by applicants in order to be eligible for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship:

  1. Hold an A– Average (Ontario equivalent of 80%) in both the years of full-time study before being awarded the scholarship.
  2. English language proficiency is required of international applicants at the time of application.
  3. The applicant must be enrolled full-time in a graduate program, which entails
  4. 60% or more of the university’s definition of a full course load
  5. for pupils with impairments, 40% or more.
  6. Conditions for Eligibility for Graduate Scholarships in Ontario
  7. The grant is available to master’s students for a maximum of two years. Doctoral students, however, are eligible for a 4-year funding period.
  8. For any student, a government-funded scholarship has a six-year lifetime maximum restriction.
  9. No student may receive two government-funded scholarships at the same time.

The following is a list of the restricted scholarships:

  1. Graduate Science and Technology Scholarship for Queen Elizabeth II (QEII-GSST) (formerly OGSST)
  2. Trillium Scholarships in Ontario (OTS)
  3. Canadian Council for the Advancement of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSHRC)
  4. Council for Research in Natural Sciences and Engineering (NSERC)
  5. Research Institute for Health Care in Canada (CIHR)
  6. Vanier Graduate Scholarships in Canada (Vanier CGS)

Application Method for Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2023/2024

Since OGS program adjudication occurs at the program level, each master’s-level program at Canadian universities sets its own timelines and particular processes. However, in order to be considered for the scholarship, students must submit the following materials:

  • Two academic referees’ confidential academic assessment reports.
  • Academic records from prior post-secondary institutions attended.
  • Copies of visa papers or copies of the proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency.
  • Studying strategy (maximum of 3,950 characters including spaces)
  • Awards, publications, and research experience in the past

The following table lists the universities with OGS programs:

Universities Offering Ontario Graduate Scholarships

The universities offering OGS program are tabulated below:

Brock UniversityWilfrid Laurier UniversityYork University
Trent UniversityCarleton UniversityUniversity of Toronto
Western UniversityUniversity of Ontario Institute of TechnologyQueen’s University
University of WindsorLaurentian UniversityUniversity of Waterloo
University of OttawaMcMaster UniversityRyerson University
Lakehead UniversityUniversity of GuelphNipissing University

Selection Process

There are three areas of evaluation under which each OGS 2020 application will be evaluated. Respective program departments and faculties determine the weight placed on each of the following criteria:

OGS Selection Criteria for Masters level:

Academic ExcellenceTranscripts; Other academic achievements; Type of program; Course load; Duration of course; Prior scholarships and awards30%
Research Potential and Statement of InterestStatement of Interest (motivation, creativity, communication skills); Relevance of work experience; Significance and merit of proposed research; Initiative and contribution to research and development30%
Personal Characteristics/ Academic Assessment from RefereesWork experience; Leadership experience; Involvement in academic life; Project management.20%

OGS Selection Criteria for Doctoral level:

Academic ExcellenceAcademic records; Scholarships and awards received; Duration of the previous course30%
Research PotentialPlan of study; Judgment and originality; Initiative and autonomy; Interaction with supervisors & peers; Ability to lead and complete projects within the allotted time.50%
Personal Characteristics/ Academic Assessment from RefereesQuality of presentation; Publications; Professional relevant extracurricular interaction and mentoring.20%



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