Salem University school fees 2021/2022 [UP-TO-DATE]

Salem University school fees 2021/2022

Now let’s briefly discuss the about the topic “Salem University school fees 2021/2022 for new students and returning students, and Salem University school fees payment guidelines” or how to pay.

This has become mandatory from year to year, new students are accepted into several federal and state institutions without first knowing the financial needs of these institutions, as is the case with Salem University, as is the case today.

How much is Salem University school fees 2021/2022

After all, for any university, many things come to mind for each academic year, and of course there are many criteria to consider before deciding on your dream university.

You can think about location, academic calendar (how soon), and most importantly, tuition fees.

Today, however, we will mainly focus on Salem University school fees 2021/2022, as financial possibilities for you and your parents/guardians must be considered before you decide on a school.

Therefore, for the purpose of this article Salem University school fees 2021/2022, salem tuition fees 2021/22, I have outlined the fees below in an easy for proper understand.

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Salem University tution fees 2021/2022 for new students

We will therefore take a brief look at the Salem University school fees 2021/2022 for new students under the following headings.

Salem University School Fees 2021/2022

  • College of Natural & Applied Sciences (CNAS) – ₦582,000.00
  • College of Communication and Information Technology (CICT) – ₦582,000.00
  • Management, Social Sciences & Humanities – ₦534,000.00
  • Law – ₦690,000.00
  • Part-Time Programme – ₦160,000.00
  • HND Conversion Programme (Direct Entry) – ₦240,000.00
  • Education – ₦250,000.00
  • MSC and MBA – ₦680,000.00
  • PGD – ₦585,000.00

You are required to pay tuition fees based on your programme. The amount of your tuition fees wild be set out in your notice/offer letter.

If you would like to pay your fees in installments them complete the form on this page: Tuition Fees Installments.

Salem University School Fees Payment Guidelines

Follow the guidelines below to know to how to pay Salem University school fees 2021/2022.

  1. Navigate to the university’s website (
  2. Go to About Us on the top menu
  3. Scroll down to FEE AND PAYMENTS
  4. Select your payment, e.g if you are paying for accommodation, choose your preferred accommodation type
  5. Add to cart
  6. If you are making more than one payment then click on the Return to payment page button and repeat steps 4 and 5.
  7. If paying for tuition, click on tuition, choose your programme and college and add to cart
  8. View cart
  9. Proceed to checkout
  10. Complete the Billing info form and click Continue
  11. Click on Place order
  12. Click on Pay Now
  13. Choose your preferred payment option and follow the corresponding instructions.

Please contact us if there is any question regarding Salem University school fees 2021/2022 or payment guidelines.

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