How to Apply for UDACITY Scholarship 2023/2024

UDACITY Scholarship 2023/2024: On this page we are going to give you full information about UDACITY Scholarship for Students. Moving forward, you will be presented with the accurate and reliable details regarding this scholarship program. The requirements, eligibility, application procedure, and additional information based on UDACITY Scholarship.

UDACITY Scholarship 2023/2024 [APPLY NOW]

It is highly recommended to read all details on this page, do not skip any part because all aspects in this very content matter. Reading all information about UDACITY Scholarship application is essential so as to guarantee a deep understanding of how the scholarship will be processed.


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Millions of people can acquire new skills and land the job they want thanks to Udacity Scholarship. Udacity scholarships increase learners’ access to this opportunity worldwide.

AWS AI & ML Udacity Scholarship Program

  • In collaboration with Intel and Udacity, AWS is providing 2,500 scholarships to students from underrepresented and marginalized groups.
  • In order to prepare for employment in AI & M, the scholarship applicants will receive the highest caliber technical skill training and specialized mentoring from AWS or Intel industry professionals.
  • 2000 students will get scholarships from AWS, UDACITY, and Intel in 2022 to help them develop valuable skills that will lead to new job opportunities in the exciting fields of AI and ML.
  • AWS Deep Racer Students are offering 20 hours of free training materials, including tutorials, videos, and training modules, to all applicants.

High Tech Transition Pathway Scholarship at Udacity

To encourage women and people of color enter a sector with some of the highest growth and demand employment, Udacity and GM have teamed up to give 100 scholarships.

Shell Train-to-Hire Udacity Scholarship Programme

  • Technical engineers with 5+ years of experience are eligible for scholarships thanks to a partnership between Shell and Udacity. They will also give you the abilities you need to get advanced jobs at big energy corporations.
  • To acquire cutting-edge skills that will help you develop your profession, apply right away for this scholarship.

Program for Blacks in Technology Foundation Scholarships

Udacity and the Blacks In Technology Foundation will offer more than 1,000 scholarships to members of the Black community who want to work in technology, in partnership with governmental and business partners. In order to help people develop in-demand skills in product management, cloud devops engineering, or Python programming for data science, we will give 150 full Nanodegree scholarships in the inaugural cohort.

Real-world projects demonstrating mastery of highly sought-after abilities will be included in the portfolio. Additionally, they will get the ability to join an active Udacity student community and interact with the network of the Blacks In Technology Foundation, which includes tech experts from Black nations.

Collaboration Between The Blacks In Technology Foundation And Udacity Scholarship

Blacks are significantly underrepresented in the tech industry, which offers some of the most high-growth, highest-demanding occupations. Udacity and The Blacks In Technology Foundation have teamed up to solve this critical issue. These figures raise serious concerns.

  • While 24% of all employees in Silicon Valley’s top 75 tech businesses are white, only 3% of them employ black people.
  • Less than 3% of cybersecurity positions are held by Black people, who also earn 33% less per hour than White people do.
  • Black or Latinx graduates make about 20% of the computer science workforce, while they represent only 6% of the entire tech sector.
  • With a higher unemployment rate than whites, black people are more likely to be unemployed.

Opportunities For Black People

The Blacks In Technology Foundation and Udacity are committed to bridging the diversity gap in the tech workforce. Making sure that there is a large pool of talented and educated Black tech experts is the first step in achieving this. We provide:

  • For the Nanodegree program, which provides more than 1,000 useful and in-demand tech skills, black students can apply for scholarships.
  • Exposure to the network and Black IT community of the Blacks In Technology Foundation.
  • Resources for building a career and expertise.
  • Subject matter authorities and on-demand tutors



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