Reasons Why Nigerian Students Fail In Their Scholarship Applications

Welcome to WITSPOT.ORG. Today, I will be highlighting the causes of Nigerian students’ failure to receive scholarships abroad. I understand you want to study overseas. But don’t you think that such an opportunity will not come cheaply? Based on our research, more than 70% of Nigerian students have an interest in studying abroad. Now you … Read more

Best Colleges for Political Science 2022/2023 [Undergraduate]

Best Colleges for Political Science: Political Science is one the most lucrative courses in the world. For you to be searching for the best college to study political science. That means you have fully decided and ready to make Political Science your future career. Your search intent regarding this post can be traced to different … Read more

Nigeria Navy Salary 2021/2022 [UP-TO-DATE]

Nigeria Navy Salary 2021/2022. The Nigerian Navy is said to be the highest paid armed force, although all armed forces Navy, Army, and Airforce are designed to work together, but there is still a slight difference in their work in the same way as their salary. See the Nigeria army ranks and salary 2021/2022 The … Read more