Nigeria Navy Salary 2021/2022 [UP-TO-DATE]

Nigeria Navy Salary 2021/2022. The Nigerian Navy is said to be the highest paid armed force, although all armed forces Navy, Army, and Airforce are designed to work together, but there is still a slight difference in their work in the same way as their salary. See the Nigeria army ranks and salary 2021/2022 The … Read more

Best Polytechnic in Nigeria 2022/2023 [Full Details]

Best Polytechnic in Nigeria: Webometric recently published the highest ranking for all institutions in Nigeria, where I managed to extract the best polytechnic in Nigeria from the 2022 ranking list. Four ranking factors were used, including openness rating, impact rating, attendance rating, and excellence rating. These are the factors that determine which Polytechnic tops the … Read more

Best Online Colleges in USA 2023

Best online colleges: Distant education, often known as distance learning, is the education of students who are not physically present at school all of the time. Traditionally, correspondence courses were used, in which the student connected with the school via mail. In today’s world, it mainly entails online learning. A distance learning program might be … Read more

How to write a College Entrance Essay Writing 2022 [ULTIMATE GUIDES]

Here, I’m simply going to highlight some few ways to write a college entrance essay successfully.  As of now, you have already filled all the application forms, taken all the tests, and it is time to impress your university admissions office with a great application essay. College application essays are usually around 500 words or … Read more