Nigeria independence Constitution of 1960 and the first republican constitution of 1963

The Nigeria Independence constitution of 1960 and the first republican constitution of 1963. FEATURES OF NIGERIA INDEPENDENCE CONSTITUTION OF 1960 1. Parliamentary system: The Nigeria independence constitution provided for a democratic parliamentary system of government. 2. Federal system: A federal system of the government was retained. 3. Head of state: The Governor-General was the ceremonial … Read more

Centralization of power: definition, advantages, disadvantages

Definition:      Centralization of power is defined as the process by which political power is located in a single central decision-making body. The highest degree of centralization is achieved where all powers of government are vested in a central authority. The degree of centralization is highest in a unitary state. Britain, France, etc. are … Read more

Meaning of Political Participation

Definition:       Political participation is defined as the process whereby individuals get themselves involved in political activities and the decision-making of their country. Forms of political participation Individual’spolitical participation may take the following forms; 1. Voting in elections: This is one of the ways of political participation and it allows the individual to vote for … Read more

Constitutional amendment process

CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT PROCESS There are two different methods of amendinga constitution and these are:(i) Rigid Constitution (ii) Flexible constitution.         Constitutions should have the ability to change with time and circumstances. Classification of constitutions, therefore, is dependent on the method of amendment.         RIGID CONSTITUTION       A rigid constitution is defined as one that is … Read more

Definition of constitution

    Definition of constitution    A constitution is defined as a bodyof agreed rules and principles stating how topowers of governing a country are given andhow these powers are to be exercised. Constitution isestablishes a basic framework or fundamental law of the land. By so doing, it checks and sets limits not only to the … Read more