UNILAG School fees 2024/2025: Freshers & Returning Students

UNILAG School fees 2024/2025: Freshers & Returning Students

UNILAG School fees 2024/2025, Unilag school fees for freshers, returning students, Acceptance fees, how to pay UNILAG school fees and acceptance fees for the 2024/2025, and Additional Information.

Welcome to a deep-dive discussion on the University of Lagos (UNILAG) school fees, a topic that both current and prospective students of this revered institution grapple with year after year. Just like any journey in life, the path of education too comes with its costs – and at UNILAG, these costs are represented by the school fees. Our goal in this blog post is to explore every nook and cranny of this topic so that no student is left in the dark when it comes to this integral part of their university journey.

We realize that finances, while vital to the university experience, are often shrouded in confusion and ambiguity. We aim to clear this fog by providing a comprehensive understanding of the UNILAG school fees structure. This will not only give you a transparent understanding of where your money goes but also help you better plan your educational investment.

Whether you’re a hopeful high school graduate, a UNILAG freshman still navigating the new world of tertiary education, or a parent eager to support your child’s dreams, this blog post is here to guide you. Through this journey of discovery, we hope to answer your burning questions, clear your doubts and ultimately, ensure that UNILAG’s school fees do not stand as a hurdle, but rather, as a stepping stone in your educational journey. Stay tuned, as we break down the numbers and make sense of the figures!

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UNILAG School fees 2024/2025

Knowing the school fees for an institution is the first thing that needs to be done for many things. Reason: If you apply to a school that your parents cannot reach, how will you pay all the fees? A student who has applied to an institution such as UNILAG must take tuition fees into consideration.

Let’s take a look at the topics we’ll cover today:

Unilag school fees for freshers 2023, UNILAG Postgraduate school fees, Unilag Part time school fees, Unilag school fees in general, unilag hostel fees (accommodation fees)

These are the three most important fees at UNILAG. So, without spending a lot of time, let’s start with the UNILAG school fees for freshers 2023.

The fact that the majority of the students are searching for school fees for medical students online, deadline for Unilag school fees for freshers 2023, Unilag Law tuition fees, boarding fees at Unilag, accommodation costs at Unilag, tuition fees for schools at Unilag for part-time boarding fees, fees for Unilag dormitories for new students.

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However, if you are one of the students who is searching for this, you in the right place. WITSPOT.ORG has all the answers to your questions in this one post.

This school fee applies only to new UNILAG freshers. This includes the fees for accepting unilag admission offer as well as other registrations. The school fees are divided into two parts: tuition fees for science students and for students outside the sciences.

Unilag Acceptance Fees For 2024/2025

Many students ask what acceptance is. While others asked whether the school acceptance fees were free. Well, I will answer that question. The acceptance fees for Unilag is not fee. The acceptance fee is the fee that you, as a fresher / first-year student, pay to each university. This means that you have accepted the course and, in general, the admission offered by the school.

How much is the UNILAG acceptance fees? Good question. I am pleased to announce that the acceptance fees for new students at UNILAG is 20,000 naira.

As I said before, the UNILAG school fee is divided into two parts. School fees for science and non-science students.

UNILAG School Fees For Fresh Students 2024/2025

School Fees Breakdown for New Undergraduate Students

Note to Phone users: for better viewing with a phone, swipe left to see all the details in the table below:

S/NType of ChargeFees (Courses w/o Lab/Studio)Fees (Courses w/ Lab/Studio)
3.Identity CardN5,000N5,000
4.Result VerificationN5,500N5,500
6.Library ServicesN15,000N15,000
7.IT & EntrepreneurshipN15,000N15,000
8.Students’ HandbookN5,000N5,000
11.Medical ServicesN10,000N10,000
15.Endowment FundN5,000N5,000

Total Fees: N126,325 for courses without lab/studio, N176,325 for those with lab/studio.

Additional Notes:

  • Toxicology Test for Screening: N10,000
  • Utility Charges for All: N20,000

UNILAG School Fees For Returning Students 2024/2025 Academic Session

S/NType of ChargesCourses w/o Lab/StudioCourses w/ Lab/StudioMedical Students
13.Endowment FundN5,000N5,000N5,000

Total Fees: N100,750 (w/o Lab/Studio), N140,250 (w/ Lab/Studio) & N190,250 (Medical Students).

Additional Notes:

  • Utility Charges for All: N20,000
  • Convocation Fee for Final Year Students: N30,000
  • Charges for mandatory field trips will be specified based on course requirements.

How to pay the UNILAG School fees and acceptance fees

UNILAG school fees, and acceptance fees are paid through the school portal at www.unilag.edu.ng with Remita or at a bank approved by UNILAG.

Note: You should never pay acceptance fees or transfer your acceptance fees to someone you don’t know. If you are still confused about how to pay the UNILAG acceptance fee, then, I recommend visiting the campus and learn more from the staff to avoid any form of mistakes during payment processing.

UNILAG School fees 2024/2025: Freshers & Returning Students

How to pay Unilag School fees

  1. There is a session on the Student Dashboard page here that shows “PAY ONLINE“.
  1. Click on it and it will display pay Acceptance fees or School fees. If you want to pay for both, you can tick both. Fees are listed there. Just choose what you want
  2. There is a payment option by transfer that displays the cards that can be used, eg. Master Card, Verve Card, etc.
  3. Indicates where to enter and send your information
  4. The N500 fee is deducted from you as a bank fee
  5. After you have sent, 2 things will happen; (1) an SMS will be sent to your mobile to successfully complete the payment
    (2) receipt will be created in Control Panel which you can click to view and then download to your computer
  6. Print out for the verification exercise.

Normal bank payment
These are the regular bank payments we usually make. The downside is that it’s impractical and stressful. So far, UNILAG bank is the only bank used for this purpose. Hence, ONLINE payments enjoy massive Patronage.

The bank fees here are N250 compared to N500 for online payments.

The banks for UNILAG School fees transaction are:

  1. GTB
  4. Bank Wema
  5. UBA Bank
  6. Ecobank
    Further information about UNILAG school fees for freshers 2024/2025 can be found at [http://spgs.unilag.edu.ng/

FAQs about Unilag Tuition Fees

What does the UNILAG school fee cover?

Good question! The school fees cover a variety of essential costs associated with your education at UNILAG. This includes tuition, lab fees for science students, library fees, sports dues, and even a small fee for medical services. It’s like a combo meal but for your education!

How often do I need to pay these fees?

School fees are typically due on a per-session basis, meaning you’ll have to take care of them annually. It’s a once-a-year thing, kind of like your birthday, but a bit less fun.

Can I pay my Unilag school fees in installments?

No, Unilag does not support the payment of school fees in installments basics.

Are there any additional expenses I should budget for?

Great foresight! Apart from the school fees, you’ll want to consider other costs like books, accommodation, transportation, and your day-to-day living expenses. Oh, and don’t forget some fun money for those well-deserved breaks.

Is there any financial aid available at UNILAG?

Absolutely, and kudos for asking! No, UNILAG does not offer scholarships and grants for students.

Remember, we’re all on this educational journey together. Don’t be afraid to ask your questions, big or small. After all, understanding is the first step toward planning, and planning leads to success!

Wrapping Up Unilag School Fees 2023

As we bring our deep dive into UNILAG school fees to a close, we hope that this information has helped to clarify the financial aspects of your academic journey. The process can seem daunting at first, but with transparency and knowledge, we can make informed decisions about our education and our future.

Remember, the value of your education is not solely defined by the cost of tuition. The University of Lagos offers a robust, multifaceted educational experience that will mold you into a well-rounded professional, and the fees are a part of this process. It’s an investment into your future, offering potential returns that far outweigh the initial costs.

If there’s one thing we want you to take away from this, it’s that understanding the breakdown of your school fees is empowering. It’s not just about knowing where your money is going, but also about understanding the value of what you’re getting in return.

We hope this post has helped illuminate the often perplexing topic of university fees, and more specifically, the UNILAG school fees structure. Armed with this information, you can now navigate your educational journey with a little more clarity and a lot more confidence.

As you move forward, we encourage you to approach your education as an exciting adventure. Embrace the challenges, seize the opportunities, and remember – this journey is not just about what you spend, but what you gain in return. Here’s to your success at UNILAG and beyond!

If there is any question regarding Unilag school fees, drop it in the comment section.

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