Unilorin hostel allocation for Freshers 2022/2023

Unilorin hostel allocation for Freshers 2022/2023

Unilorin hostel allocation for freshers 2022, how to apply for unilorin hostel, and additional information about hostel allocation in Unilorin.

The Management of the University of Ilorin Unilorin has announced the allocation of hostel for freshers 2021. The allocation of hostel is said to Start on Monday, July 5 2021 at 11:am. Freshers in Unilorin who want to take part in the hostel allocation are advised to start with the payment of University school fees to enable them to partake in the hostel allocation process.

Students are enjoined to note that bed spaces are not transferrable or sellable.

Additional Information about Unilorin Hostel Allocation For Freshers 2022

The cost of accommodation at UNILORIN-Hostel for fresher and returning students is now available exclusively for new students and returning.

Unilorin management gives priority to students of the 100 and final year before 200, 300 or 400 year students are considered, as the school hostel helps newcomers to settle in easily and to plan for a new phase of life, easy access to freshmen, materials, lessons and lecture halls and it is based on the “first come, first served” principle.

The University of Ilorin Unilorin hostel allocation for student is conducive. However, the cost of staying at UNILORIN Hostel varies from one hostel to another. I have already discussed about Unilorin hostel fees in an article based on Unilorin school fees for freshers 2021. So, you can decide whether you want to use the school hostel or rent an off-campus room at UNILORIN.

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Please note that accommodation in UNILORIN hostel is not mandatory. However, it is recommended that freshmen stay on the school campus for at least their first year.

Unilorin Hostel Allocation For Freshers 2021

How to apply for unilorin hostel

Please pay attention to the following steps for easy navigation on the hostel university portal Accommodation .

After clicking on the link above, login with your details. Then, click on main menu at the left hand side. You will see “Hostel application” Click on it and follow the procedure below.

There are several modifications and stages for the unilorin hostel allocation for fresher 2021 which are described as follows:

Stage 1: Students to book for hostel online. Reservation period is 72 hours to effect payment. If payment is not made at the expiration of the reservation period, the booked bed space becomes invalid and there will be reallocation.

Stage 2: Student proceeds to complete acceptance of hostel rules and regulations and supplied necessary details.

Stage 3: Payment is enabled for student to pay. No successful completion of stage 2 will affect payment.

Stage 4: Once payment is successfully done. Student can then print the hostel form which also serves as hostel pass. The new form is small in size and contains only needed information about the student and the hostel allocated.

Stage 5: Student to endorse the printed slip at Student Affairs and, proceed to allocated hall of residence.

NOTE: To be eligible for Unilorin hostel allocation for fresher 2021, you need to pay your school fee first.

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