Which Betting Sites Have Loyalty Program

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Which Betting Sites Have Loyalty Program

Betting in South Africa is at its peak and has gone beyond the retail betting shops, with several punters going online to earn money with any bookie. These online bookies offer bonuses to new and existing customers, which give them an edge over regular punters. An exciting incentive for South African bettors is the loyalty program sponsored by online bookies to retain their existing customers and attract new ones to the site. 

These rewards are points, tiers, prizes, cashback, enhanced odds, and free bets. However, most online bookies don’t give the programs, and you may need hours of research to get a good loyalty program, which is why our team at https://onlinebettingsa.co.za/ has made a list of the betting sites with the best loyalty programs.

Betway Rewards

Betway is prominent among South African bettors, and their loyalty program is on points, and the frequency of your wagers on pre-games and live bets determines how many points you get. The reward scheme has four tiers; silver, gold, platinum, and black, and you must wager at least five days per month to attain the silver tier. The reward for the gold level is 10% plus the standard compensation. You must wager at least 5 to 13 days every month to get the gold tier. 

The platinum tier requires anywhere from 14 to 22 days a month, and you get the standard rewards plus 20%. The Black tier is the final tier, and you must be consistent for at least 23 days to qualify. Once you reach the black level, you get the standard rewards plus 50%. The reward scheme has terms and conditions, some of which include

  • You can earn extra bets depending on the tiering system and the bets you place each month. 
  • Betway calculates the total number of tiers each month, and punters are only eligible for their rewards on the months and the following month.
  • Betway calculates the extra bet monthly, and you cannot check your bet status before the end of the week. 
  • Extrabets only last for 180 days 
  • You can lose your tier to the silver level if you cannot meet the requirements.
  • Betway will deduct your extra bet from your total balance.
  • Betway has the right to withdraw the incentive at any time 
  • Any attempt to disrupt or abuse the system or law is subject to the terms on the prohibited activities of the standard Betway terms and conditions.

10Bet Level Up

Another bookie that should be on your radar if you want to be lucky in the long term is 10Bet. The level-up loyalty program rewards you with points based on the frequency of your wager. Open an account and start wagering on any sports(pre-live or live games). You can redeem the points for free spins, free bets, and bonuses or buy other rewards at the 10Bet marketplace. The prizes at levels 1-9 are free spins, bets, and bonuses, but once you reach level 10 VIP, you can trade your points on tech and travel. You can level up by gathering enough points to unlock mystery boxes. Each box contains several prizes to help you level up, and you can open them with your points if you cannot wait for the timer to elapse.

Sun MVG Points

Sun MVG is a loyalty program from Sunbet. To be eligible, register and place bets with Sunbet. The program is tiered and awards points for every R1000 staked for a month. If it is a multiple-legged slip, the points usually multiply the total number of legs. For instance, you get two casino and leisure points from a two-legged bet slip with an R1000 stake. They are valid for 12 months and give you access to several rewards and incentives from Sunbet. The leisure points treat you to exquisite relaxation from Sunbet, such as free meals, accommodation, and parking at any hotel affiliated with Sunbet.


Although most loyalty programs don’t give odd boosts or increased payout, they are always positive because you need them to ensure you stay profitable in the long term and earn rewards and prizes. Loyalty programs also show how much a bookmaker cares about their customers’ long-term success, so whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we strongly recommend researching online bookmakers’ loyalty programs before signing up.

Source: https://onlinebettingsa.co.za/

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